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Ghost of Christmas Past

By Tara Zandra | January 6, 2008

I did get a picture page up: Click Here I want to move the house tour pictures on that page as well so it easier for future visitors who like to look through pictures.

Christmas Eve was very calm in our house. Chris didn’t have to work so mainly the kids watched Christmas tv while Chris and I hung out together. I made up a Reindeer Crunch recipe and set the kids loose in the kitchen to mix it together. I didn’t give measurements just ingredients and instructions such as “blow kisses at your sister” so they had fun putting that together. Although now that I think about it, they did that on the 23rd because I told them it has to sit over night to let the magic work. So I guess on Christmas Eve they checked it and saw that it was very sparkly which meant the magic worked. That evening we went to my in-laws’ as they host a party every year. We had a really good time visiting with friends that we sadly only see this one time a year. Guitar Hero was going in one of the rooms and Taitha took a turn. She then turned her attention to her friend Z whom she adores and he seems to feel the same. He’s a year younger and the two of them have really attached to each other since they were about 4 and 3. We only see them a couple times a year and they always greet each other very enthusiastically. Miss Daisy surprised us by holding court and I daresay was quite the little belle of the ball. That child never ceases to amaze me. Chris and I had people coming up to us all evening to rave about her charms. Guess she felt the Christmas spirit and decided to grace everyone with her attention. We think she’s adorable and fun to be around, but that’s usually not something she let’s other people outside of family see. She also spent time playing with another child (just turned 4 I think) and that too is rather unusual. Anyway, Chris and I mingled and he made mojitos for anyone who wanted one. I drank half of one and it seemed like I was feeling it in my head which really should have tipped me off of what was to come.

After a while we gathered all the kids so they could receive their gifts. We mainly gave gift cards since they aren’t little ones anymore. With the exception of Z who is still easy to buy for. Tabitha was given High School Musical DVD game and practically swooned on the spot. She was also given a Webkinz that she didn’t have which was a nice surprise. Daisy got a game that looks really cute and the also a dress-up outfit that is flapper style. After a little while I pulled my two aside and gave them their Christmas Eve gift of PJs. Tabitha’s was a gingerbread nightgown and Daisy had a gingerbread two piece (yes they matched, yes I’ve gone insane and shut up about it). They changed and showed off their cuteness to everyone and then it was time to come home.

It was around 11:30pm by this time. I read them ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and we took some pictures in front of the fireplace. Chris put the reindeer crunch up on the roof and Daisy put out cookies for Santa and then it was off to bed. Chris and I stayed up a couple hours taking care of all Santa’s Helpers activities.

Christmas morning began around 8am I believe. Daisy insisted on her normal routine despite Tabitha bouncing around so she and I sat together while she drank her morning milk. Eventually she agreed to go check out the presents. Both girls received fairy houses from Santa. This one is Daiys’s and this one is Tabitha’s (in autumn). They then dived into their stockings where Tabitha was overjoyed to find a ‘Lil Kinz unicorn among many other Webkinz products. Daisy’s stocking consisted mainly of Thomas trains and her own ‘Lil Kinz googles.

Gifts were then opened. Tabitha’s highlights were her Nintendo DS and a digital camera. We wouldn’t normal do two high-end gifts at Christmas since her birthday is the end of January, but both of those things will come in very handy for our Disney World trip so we made an exception. Tabitha also got Pixel Chix Roomies which was also high on her wish list. Daisy received loads of Higglytown Heroes, Thomas the Train Engine and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gifts. The girls gave Chris Guitar Hero III for the Playstation 2 and I gave him a turntable. As in a record player. It has a USB port so he can put his old albums onto the computer and therefore onto itunes. He’s been wanting a turntable forever so he was really thrilled with this. The girls bought me PJs and computer games- Sims 2 and a Nancy Drew Mystery. Chris surprised me with a hot pink Motorola Razr phone. I regretted not getting one a couple months ago when I bought a new phone so I was very happy to get this.

Eventually we dressed and headed to my in-laws’ around noon. We exchanged gifts with them (Tabitha was given a lot of American Girl clothes for her doll and Daisy received a Smart Cycle) and then I started really feeling like crap. My BIL had to run an errand for my MIL so I asked him to take me home. Sadly the rest of my day I was coughing non-stop and feeling so horrible that I couldn’t really enjoy anything going on around me. Once the rest of the family got home, the kids played with their toys and Chris played his Guitar Hero- I think I sat here at the computer- not sure.

So it didn’t end well for me, but overall it really was a very nice Christmas. Here we are two weeks later still trying to figure out where to put everything, but that’s part of the fun :)

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One Response to “Ghost of Christmas Past”

  1. Melyssa Says:
    January 6th, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Great pics and sounds like a nice Christmas, sorry you were sick though.