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dancing, e-waste and water

By Tara Zandra | May 21, 2006

Yesterday we headed out to a local Radio Disney event after hula. It was just in a parking lot, which I didn’t expect, but Tabitha had fun. She got her face painted and took Daisy into her first bounce house. Basically the baby just sat there with a gigantic smile on her face while Tabitha bounced around her. Eventually there were too many kids in there so we took Daisy out and let Tabi go wild for a bit. Daisy was heartbroken to be taken out so we went to the balloon lady to distract her and by then, Tabitha came out so she got one too. We walked over to Green Burrito for lunch and then went back and they were doing dancing: Macarena, YMCA and one from High School Musical. During macarena, I saw a mom with one of those little accessory dogs and she was dancing holding the dog in the crook of her arm while the poor thing tried to hold on for dear life. Sad and comical at the same time. I don’t know why she didn’t just put him in the little leopard print doggie stroller she had with her. (Side note, though I deeply dislike that type of dog, I do confess to loving doggie strollers. I think I just love strollers in general.)

Next was on to the looooong line to drop off our e-waste. This was part of cleaning out our garage. It’s amazing how many satellite boxes, Tivos and computer parts can pile up over the years. We’ve never disposed of any of it before so it was a lot. In fact, there is still some left as it wouldn’t all fit in our trunk. We also have some hazardous liquids in the garage but they’ll have to wait for the next event. I must say, I’m loving our garage right now. I keep saying I’m going to invite my mom and in-laws over for a party and we’re going to have it in the garage because they’ll never believe how much space there is now. We still have two cabinets to go through and more stuff to donate, but the difference is simply amazing. It went from barely having room for just my little Kia to now we could park my Kia and Chris’s car in there if we wanted.

Once home we did a bit of housework and then headed to the backyard. I cleaned up all four of our chairs out there with a vacuum and then also vacuumed our outside rug and finally, it was time to turn on the mist. Tabitha loves the mist and thoroughly enjoyed swinging in it and dancing in it. Daisy thought it was cool, but spent most of her time at the faucet where water always spurts out a bit. She was catching the water and then drinking it. She also tasted clover, but learned that wasn’t a good idea. Chris and I kicked back in our chairs with our drinks and the Dodger game on the radio and just enjoyed watching our babies :)

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One Response to “dancing, e-waste and water”

  1. Melody Says:
    May 28th, 2006 at 7:47 am

    LOL on “accessory dog.” Nice term, and it’s true. I hate that. The poor little things always look so terrified.
    I like BIG dogs, great big ones.