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Clouds begone

By Tara Zandra | May 10, 2006

Ah, a morning without clouds. It’s been a beautiful day since we woke up, both Tabi and Wee Miss played in the back yard in their PJs for about an hour. It’s still not 100% cleaned-up and Daisy really wanted to go into the Cozy Coupe but I had to redirect her much to her dismay. They had a good time overall, definitely.

Tabitha went back outside when I put Daisy down for a nap and played some hopscotch which elicited the lament “How can something so fun be so hard?” when her marker wouldn’t land on the correct square. I made it outside myself and clipped all the branches off a bush we’re removing. Last summer we planted a white grebera daisy bush in honor of Wee Miss and it has grown and bloomed so beautifully that we want to plant more in different colors. So our old bush is practically gone, save for the roots which is a job for Chris and as soon as I clear away a few weeds, we can plant our daisies, either pink or yellow I think. We have some purple and yellow pansies that Tabitha and I planted earlier in the year which are blooming nicely. In fact, nature took over and a small pansy popped up in a completely different area. I know nothing about gardening and don’t really consider it a fun hobby so I’m just positively thrilled when something grows.

The sun is making me still want to talk about the back yard :) I put Daisy’s slide back there this morning so now my living room is slide-less again. We’re leaving her Radio Flyer ride-on in the house though, it’s too nice to subject to the outside world, lol. The girls and I stopped at Target yesterday [side note: The minute Daisy spies the red shopping carts she starts begging for a cookie from the snack bar. She’s like one of Pavlov’s dogs.] and I saw a ride on from Amy Coe that I really like (I love her stuff) and also a Fisher Price Brilliant Basics ride-on that would work. We just want something simple without any electronic buttons. We’re also talking of getting her a basketball hoop as she loves balls almost to an obsessive extent. We’ll see, that idea might be the kind that gets filed away and not acted on.

So I was scrapbooking the other day and completely hacked the photo that was supposed to be the main focal point of the layout. Now I have to get it reprinted and I’m out of photos for other layouts yet I’m feeling the major urge to scrapbook. I think I could maybe work on figuring out what photos I want to get printed next week and that might make me feel better. I have noticed a new scrapbook store on our way to Park Day so maybe going there will help too :)

Today’s creative writing came from Tabitha saying to me, “You know what I would wish for if I could wish for two things?” and I told her to go write it out.

“If I could wish for 2 things, they would be great Art & Singing skills. Why? Because, thats why.”

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One Response to “Clouds begone”

  1. Melody Says:
    May 19th, 2006 at 11:59 pm

    Out here, pansies die off in the summer but grow like crazy during the winter. As for the daisies, I just don’t have a lot of luck with those. I bought two again this year to try again, and put them in pots instead of the flower bed. We shall see!