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Shopping is a cure-all

By Tara Zandra | October 26, 2007

Our Wednesday went much better after we left the house. Nothing in the car felt the need to explode and with my horredous Car-ma that’s always a possibility. We had cookies, browsed Disney Store and KB, shopped for Webkinz products and played in the play area. All in all a really nice trip.

Gymnastics didn’t go so well yesterday which is really a shame since it is the one thing Daisy desperately looks forward to each week. It was “bring a friend” week, which we and many of the other kids did. That made the class too full and chaotic, hence why Daisy didn’t have a good time. Next week will be back to normal though.

Tabitha had Brownies last night and they had a small Halloween party. Daisy passed out the treats we brought as the girls trick-or-treated and she thought that was pretty fun. Today our park day had a Halloween party as well. Unfortunately, due to the air quality right now because of all the fires, we couldn’t actually have the party at the park. One member kindly opened her home to all of us even though we’d be a bit crowded. It worked out and we all had a great time. The kids decorated bags and then went around from parent to parent for trick-or-treating. I got in some good conversation and a little bit of snackage on the goodies before it was time to head home.

And lastly, Tabitha attended a costume party tonight. We have more Halloween activities this weekend of course :)

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