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Who knew nap time could be so fun?

By Tara Zandra | May 9, 2006

Daisy is currently lying in her bed and every half minute, she starts clapping and cheering. I must admit to more than a healthy dose of curiosity of just what the heck is going on in there. At least she won’t come out nude since she has a romper on and hasn’t figured out leg snaps [yet].

It’s another dreary morning around here, I so hate feeling robbed a nice day because it doesn’t even think of getting sunny until 1:00pm at the earliest. Makes it hard to dress too since it’s kind of cold in the mornings but if we wear pants, I guarantee we’ll go somewhere and it will instantly turn hot. If we wear shorts the sun won’t peek out until 4:30pm. *sigh*

I’m looking forward to this weekend as our garage will end up being mostly emptied, it’s clean-up Saturday! We get this one day a year where we can put anything on the curb and the trash company will take it. Now I’m no fan of trashing things, but see, neighbors consider it a giant free yard sale and take the items for themselves. Recycling baby! So Friday night we will empty the garage of anything that isn’t holiday decorations, garden tools or a car. We’ll load the trunks of both cars with whatever we can take to Goodwill and all our e-waste has to wait until next weekend for the hazardous materials drop off, but everything else is outta there! Our old couch will finally go away. Do you know how long it’s been in there? 4 years. At the end of it all we may actually be able to park both cars in the garage like normal people. I know it’s silly to get so happy over a trash day, but seriously, my garage is horrible and a complete embarassment if I want to leave the door open like when I do laundry or yard work. No more my friends, no more. I love getting rid of stuff almost as much as I love buying stuff :)

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