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Fun Thursday

By Tara Zandra | October 19, 2007

Chris took a vacation day yesterday so it was lovely to have him home mid-week. This meant he got to see Daisy at gymnastics, which he was looking forward to. It saddens me that he had never been. Before his current job, he worked odd hours and had all different kinds of days off, never Saturday and Sunday. So he was very involved in all of Tabitha activities and knew where all of them took place. But now, he just doesn’t because he works Monday through Friday with “normal” hours. It’s been almost 2 years and I still don’t like it, but I know it will never change. There’s too much good about the company he’s with and there were many definite downfalls to his previous working schedules so we deal with the current situation. Most of the time I am completely fine with it, but every now and then, there’s a day like yesterday where I am reminded about the way things used to be and I get kind of down about it.

But enough of that, I wanted to talk about the fun stuff. So Chris got to watch Daisy at gymnastics and what a good day he chose! She had so much fun and it wasn’t even forced. We saw genuine smiles and participation and she had a great time. She was definitely challenged in class yesterday, but that’s a good thing. She’s strong and she can do it, sometimes she’s just slowed down by her size or unfamiliarity with certain terms. For instance, she can walk on her tippy-toes but she didn’t know that’s what it was called. So she had to be shown what was meant by walking on the balance beam on tippy-toes. But this class is definitely a much better fit for her and Chris had a good time watching her.

After gymnastics we went to pick Tabitha up from book club and then stopped at the Hallmark store to see if they had the reindeer Webkinz in, which they did. So of course we came home and all played on Webkinz for awhile. Eventually I got the girls all dressed up and we headed out to Mickey’s Halloween Treat at California Adventure. I’m still working on a photo page but I have to tell you how much fun we had. This is the third year they’ve done it and it really does get more enjoyable each year. Daisy refused to say “trick-or-treat” but Tabitha had no such issues and was determined to hit every treat station. By the end of the night the kids’ bags were practically overflowing. We also had fun character opportunities, watched the small parade, and went to the dance stations. The weather was really fabulous, Chris and I never even put on our jackets and the kids were fine in just their costumes. All in all it was a wonderful Halloween evening. I’ll get to work on the photos after I get Daisy down to nap.

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