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African Feast and odds and ends

By Tara Zandra | October 17, 2007

We had an African Feast for dinner tonight. Well, that’s what our history program called it, anyway. We had lemon tofu (orginal recipe was lemon, fig chicken and I couldn’t find any figs), fried plantains, papaya rice (actually mango due to a distinct lack of papayas at the grocery), date chewies, and fig newtons (to make up for the lack of figs with the tofu). It was really quite enjoyable and we’re saving the recipe for the tofu and the date chewies.

Last night as I went to sing to Tabitha at bedtime she tells me she has a question for me; one of those “life questions.” My mind ran with all the possibilities. She wanted to know how to tell if it’s AM or PM on a round clock if you have no way of seeing outside. It took a lot of control on my part to not laugh. If only all “life questions” were that easy!

Monday and Tuesday were tons of errands. We needed shoes for Halloween costumes, accessories for the costumes, regular shoes due to growing feet, photo copies, mailing off our Private School Affidavit (our homeschool), and grocery shopping. While we were at the mall, we walked by Victoria Secret and they were having a promotion of buy anything in the Pink brand and get a free stuffed dog. Tabitha loves when this promotion runs and begged me to go buy a pair of undies so she could have another dog. I obliged and after I had paid, the saleslady put the dog in it’s own bag and handed it to Tabitha. Because an 8 year old needs to walk around a mall with a Victoria Secret bag. I took the dog out and stashed the bag in the stroller instead.

We Kindermusik on Monday morning and before we went I had a little chat with Daisy. She said she wanted to go so I told her she needed to participate. Her lack of participation hasn’t been a problem in the past, but she’s gone way past just not clapping. The child glares and scowls and refuses to even walk on her own in class. So we skipped last week just to take a week off and I started considering just dropping the class. I mean, if she’s not having any fun at all and would rather be somewhere else, then I’d rather not be there either. So anyway, we talked and I told her if she really wanted to go that I expected her to clap, dance and sing. She said she didn’t want to sing which I agreed to, but she said she would clap and dance. I’m telling you she was the model student that day. She went to listening time, which she never does, participated in story, clapped, sang just a little and danced. And she had fun. She smiled and laughed and after class talked about how much fun she had. We’ll see if this continues or if she reverts back to her grumpy self next week. She is so my child.

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