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finally sewed, not just talked about it

By Tara Zandra | October 10, 2007

This morning Daisy wanted to go somewhere and when asked, she decided on the park. We went to a really neat park near us that we’ve been to before but don’t visit very often. Daisy had a blast running around and climbing everything she could find. She also spent a fair amount of time on the triple see-saw (see-saw-saw? teeter-teeter-totter?). There were no other kids around and no swings to distract her so she ran here and there without a care. I put a blanket down in the middle of the play area so I could see the girls no matter where they were and worked on some sewing designs in my notebook.

Then we came home and I sewed! Finally! I did Tabitha’s gypsy top, but need to add a trim of coins and also I don’t have the right size elastic so it doesn’t have the right shape yet. But thouse two things are so easily done as soon as I have what I need. I then made a skirt for Lindsay’s costume but I’m still thinking on how to design the top. It will have to include velcro in the back because the doll’s elbows and wrists dont’ bend and getting a top on will be a challenge. I’m also leaning towards peasant type blouse which should be easy to get on without adding velcro. I hope.

Tabitha and I did do lessons, but only a few. Just math, spelling and a writing exercise for her book club. Again math sped right along. Tabitha laughed at how short it was. In a few more weeks I feel it will be taking us a bit longer.

And that’s really it for today. I know not very interesting, but I’m trying to blog every night. If I don’t blog the boring stuff, then I stop blogging altogether and end up rarely posting.

I’ll leave you with a link. If you ever find yourself wanting to do something different with asparagus, might I suggest this website? Nothing but asparagus recipes as far as the mouse can click.

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One Response to “finally sewed, not just talked about it”

  1. Miss Quinlan Says:
    October 11th, 2007 at 1:33 pm

    Thanks so much for the link. It’s greatly apprecciated.