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some lessons talk

By Tara Zandra | October 9, 2007

We didn’t really go anywhere the last two days due to cancelled classes so we did a full load of lessons both days. Therefore, that’s what’s in my head to blog about.

In history we’ve been reading about Ancient Africa, specifcally the area that is now the Sahara Desert. A few thousand years ago it was rather lush and that is the time period we’ve been reading about. We checked out a couple books from the library that deal with African folklore and the main character is Anansi the Spider. So today we made Anansi out of styrofoam and pipe cleaners. Works out nicely for Halloween because now the spiders just become part of the decor. The books are nicely illustrated so I’ve read them aloud to both kids and Daisy has really taken to the idea of Anansi. She spent a good portion of dinner making her hands walk the table and saying they were both Anansi. I think to continue the theme a bit longer since we’re still working in that chapter, I might have Tabitha come up with her own Anansi story for Creative Writing.

Tabitha has reached a wall with typing. She was doing so well and now she cannot seem to pass her current spot in the program. It’s been three days of playing the same game over and over so I think tomorrow I’ll have her repeat the lesson in its entirety and perhaps that will help her get over this bump in the road.

We started Math 5/4 today. Now we just finished Math 3, but now the next few years are numbered oddly until we hit Algebra. The format is different for this year so it will take a bit of getting used to, but on the plus side, the lesson seemed to take way less time. Now it was lesson 1 so it was review and shouldn’t have taken too long, but there are many components to this math program and the actual lesson part is but a small part of it. It’s all the other stuff that can take a good long time and this new format seemed less time consuming which I appreciate.

I did decide to keep the grammar book I was considering returning. Upon closer inspection it seemed to have a decent amount of new stuff sprinkled with already learned stuff which will simply provide practice. I’m glad it will work as I didn’t want to start researching programs again.

Daisy has her little Kumon books and loves them both. The Sticker and Paste book threw her for a loop when it switched to pasting. The book specifically says not to use a glue stick because most kids like the tactile sensation of spreading glue with their fingers. Not Daisy. She totally freaked when I dipped her finger in the glue and thought I was insane. She insisted I wash her hands immediately and also do the page for her. So we got her a glue stick and she is much happier because it’s not “sticky.”

I still haven’t started Tabitha’s gypsy top. I really must get on it as soon as possible, she needs to wear it next Thursday. Somehow I got talked into sewing a witch costume for Lindsay. That would be Tabitha’s American Girl doll. Oh, I did do a scrapbook layout today, so that’s a good thing. It was Daisy’s 2nd birthday and frankly it wasn’t that good of a day due to Daisy being uninterested and Tabitha being extremely sick. So I really don’t have the best pictures because I couldn’t use a single one Tabitha was in because she looked like a warmed up zombie. However, I didn’t convey any of that in the journaling, I don’t think a negative pall needs to be cast on Daisy’s scrapbook.

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