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Glorious fall weekend

By Tara Zandra | October 8, 2007

It was such a beautiful weekend that sitting with my family in the warmth feeling the slight breeze while drinking a diet coke is right up there with the highlights of our activities.

I’ll go back to Friday night a bit. As a I mentioned, Chris took Tabitha to High School Musical: The Ice Tour at the Staples Center. Many stars from the movie were invited and a red carpet was set up. Tabitha should hands with Kaycee Stroh and Oleysa Ruin (Martha and Kelsi, respectively) and saw Monique Coleman from a distance, in addition to her photo op with Corbin Bleu. Once inside they also saw Ashley Tisdale. Chris watched them during parts of the performance and said during a couple songs they would get up and do the dance moves from the movie which kind of cracks me up. Tabitha had a great time and can’t wait until I get a print of her photo.

So, moving on to Saturday, Tabitha first had a tennis lesson and then an orthodontist consultation. He said he definitely does not see braces in her future but will see her again in 3 years for another consultation. Then we were off to do some apple picking! The long awaited, once postponed, day was finally here! I dressed my girls in their apple picking dresses (natch) and we headed back up into the mountains, though not as high up and a way less windy road than Big Bear. We had a really good time and Daisy loved being picked up so she could reach higher apples. The weather was warm in the sun, but the couple times the clouds gathered in front of the sun, we were grateful for long sleeves and/or pants. After we finished picking our half peck of apples we headed out as the rest of the town was so packed we couldn’t even fathom trying to see anything else. We think perhaps next year Chris will take a day off work and we’ll go up on a weekday and then combine it with a Big Bear trip and hopefully they’ll be less crowd so we’ll be able to stay longer.

Pictures of Apple Picking ‘07 can be seen here.

Sunday we headed to Disneyland for Halloween activities! The whole place is decorated for Halloween and characters are dressed in their Halloween costumes. My goal was to get pics of the kids in their Halloween tulle skirts so we specifically scoped out nicely decorated areas. Chris and Tabitha rode Haunted Mansion Holiday: Nightmare Before Christmas, Daisy loudly opted out the minute the narration started. She doesn’t usually protest rides so she really must have been freaked out. We watched a little show on Main Street where Tabitha participated in most of it and Daisy did a small portion before deciding she’s more of a watcher than a performer. We eventually went to California Adventure because they have new decorations they didn’t have last year. But the dry heat finally got to me and I was feeling rather poorly. I sat and drank a full bottle of water which helped, but it was really time to go. We’re planning strategies for next weekend so that doesn’t happen again.

Last night I finished Tabitha’s gypsy skirt for her Halloween costume; I’m hoping to get the top done today, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to even get it started.

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One Response to “Glorious fall weekend”

  1. Valerie Says:
    October 8th, 2007 at 1:41 pm

    Sounds like a great weekend. The girls apple picking ensembles are adorable. Thanks for sharing pictures of your fun day.