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I need caffeine

By Tara Zandra | October 4, 2007

The grocery store was out of caffeine Diet Coke the other day and I drank my last one yesterday. I am sporting quite the headache right now. I stopped at McDs for a large, but the headache had already set in. I’m hoping the Motrin I took will make my head feel normal again.

Tabitha had requested a play date with a friend for the sole purpose of watching High School Musical 2 since this friend hadn’t seen it. Yesterday was the day and man did those girls have fun together. They were jumping, dancing, singing, the works. The mom and I were just glad were weren’t in the same room as them. She and I had our fun talking together and it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. When they first arrived, Tabitha took C on a tour of the house since she hadn’t been here before. Daisy didn’t want to be left out, so she took the mom on a tour as well. She was so cute saying “This is the play room where we play and this is our bedroom because it’s the bedroom!”

Chris went out to a They Might Be Giants concert last night so it was just the kids and I all day. We had a very light dinner of couscous salad and then the girls played until Daisy went to bed. Then Tabitha and I played Webkinz together for a long time before I sent her off to bed as well. I shouldn’t have let her stay up so late, but it was a nice time just the two of us so I didn’t really want to send her to bed.

Today was gymnastics for Daisy and book club for Tabi. Daisy’s instructor and I decided to try Daisy in the older class starting next week. It’s a smaller class, which I think just adds to the benefits for Daisy. Goodness knows the child doesn’t need me for any of the physical stuff, it’s just a matter of if she’ll do a class without me standing next to her. The waiting area is completely attached and she’ll be able to see me at all times, but it’s Daisy and you just never know how she’ll react. Things I don’t even think about freak her out and things I worry constantly about don’t phase her so who knows? The downside to moving her class is she won’t get her library time. We’ll get out of gymnastics and have to race to the library to pick Tabitha up from book club and go home as opposed to sit and read at the library for an hour. It certainly suits me better as the children’s section is packed during that time due to storytime (I know the obvious choice would be to join storytime but Daisy would hate it and would simply tell me loudly we needed to go) and they are also doing construction on the children’s section so it’s going to be chaotic for a few more months.

Now we’re home for the rest of the day. Daisy is napping so Tabs and I are doing whatever but we’ll sit down and do some lessons as well at some point.

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