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It’s Tuesday already?

By Tara Zandra | September 25, 2007

Our weekend plans were seriously altered due to intense rain Friday night/ Saturday morning. It was raining when it was time to go to tennis on Saturday morning and hadn’t been raining for about 2 hours. So Chris and Tabitha headed to the court and spent 20 minutes with about 10 other kids waiting for a coach who never showed up. Nice. So Tabitha was rather bummed that her second tennis lesson was canceled. How do we cheer her up? By telling her that becaue of the rain we couldn’t go apple picking as planned. *sigh* She was really not happy by that point so to actually cheer her up I told her we’d go shopping for fabric for her Halloween costume. Before we left it started really pouring and the girls were having fun watching the rain out the slideing door so I pulled out the window markers and let them draw the rain all over it. Daisy drew loads of curvy lines to be the rain. Tabitha drew an homage to flowers enjoying the rain. We then headed out to the big Joanns about half an hour from here. I wanted the big one because I’m sewing a skirt for a friend’s daughter and hadn’t so far found a fabric I liked. I was hoping the big store would have a larger selection and they did and I found the absolute perfect fabric for the Halloween skirt. Then Tabi and I searched and found great fabrics for her costume. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but she’s going to be a gypsy this year. I really like the fabrics she chose and all the jewel tones are going to come together nicely.

The Joanns is next door to a Toys R Us so we all browsed in there. Chris kept the kids holed up in books while I made a small purchase with a coupon. I had $5.00 of a $25.00 purchase so I used it on Christmas gifts. Oh, and a Halloween cauldron. My Christmas Closet is coming along nicely though I still have some larger purchases to make at some point.

After that we grabbed Del Taco and ate at home and then I decided that I just didn’t have anything I wanted to wear to a party that night. So I grabbed Tabitha and we went off to the mall and found me a top and shoes. I didn’t try on the shoes because I was in a massive hurry, I bought them solely for the price and told myself I only had to get through that night with them. Oh. my. gad. They hurt so bad. I did wear them that night but they’ll be going to Goodwill at my next drop-off. Too bad, too, I got 3 compliments on them. Oh well.

So yes, us anti-social people went to a party. We left the kids at home with my mom and sister and headed to Dave&Busters. It was okay. It was fun to see a reunion of sorts of the band that played at our wedding. So that led Chris and I to reminisce about various songs played at our wedding. Talking about our past together is a favorite pasttime with us so it was a pleasant way to spend an evening. At 10:30 though we were done and headed out (yeah, I know, we’re party animals).

While we were at the party I received a phone call from the owner of the music studio Tabitha attends. I knew that couldn’t be good and I was right. Tabitha’s musical theatre class was to perform on Sunday- nope, cancelled. I am assuming it was simply too wet since it was to be outside. In any case, I had to start Tabitha’s Sunday morning off by telling her no performance and she was very much not happy. But we turned the day around. Chris was going to miss the performance anyway because he was going to help my sister finish up moving into her new apartment. So instead of just him going, the kids and I went with him. It’s 2 hours away so we knew we were committing to all day but it was better than Chris being gone all day and missing him on his day off. He took care of what needed to be done and around 3:30 we were heading home again. On the way we stopped at Tom’s Farms which used to be a small lot that had a restaurant we couldn’t eat in, and a tent of furniture we loved, and another tent of hand-fed birds for sale. We knew they had expanded but we were not prepared for how much! Two restaurants, a candy shoppe, produce market, wine and cheese shop, tent of Holiday wares, antique and reproduction furniture store, live band, train ride, petting zoo, and carousel! We had a great time though we weren’t really prepared to do it all. We browsed the stores and then bought cheese and bread at the wine and cheese shop and then got the kids a bit of candy at the candy shoppe and then headed home. We absolutely will be going back as it was really neat.

So our weekend wasn’t what it was supposed to be, but it worked out and was rather nice in the end :)

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