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in which I talk about lessons and other things

By Tara Zandra | September 18, 2007

This is another one of those posts that has many different subjects. I spent 15 or 20 minutes last night typing up a post and the computer ate it. By that time I was in no mood to try and recreate it. Oh, pour a drink because this is not brief.

Both girls had a dentist appt. on Saturday. It was Daisy’s first visit and I was unsure how she would do but she was great! No sign of cavities in either kid, which is to be expected. Tabitha is at the age where they automatically do an ortho appt. so that was scheduled for a couple weeks from now. We’ll see then what the future holds for her teeth.

Saturday morning was also Tabitha’s first tennis lesson. She expressed a desire a while ago but we just now got her signed up. Her main reason for wanting to do tennis is for the exercise and that wish is most definitely coming true. Man did that coach work those kids. They had to be in constant motion and said more than once that there’s no walking in tennis. Tabitha went through her whole water bottle and we’ll be buying bigger ones before her next class. She had a blast, of course, because that kid does not know how to have a bad time.

We did some rearranging in the house. Made the small book nook into a large reading center complete with step stool so Tabitha can get to the books on the top shelf. Both kids love it and have had fun exploring the new order of their books. I love it because it means we took the bookcases out of the dining room where they have been residing for the past few months while we theoretically paint the living room. The problem is our weekends are booked right now and with Chris getting home so late during the week, it’s just not feasible to paint. But I really got tired of the chaos caused by the stuffed dining room which is why we decided to just put the bookcases back in the living room where they belong. We also decided to put away Tabitha’s computer which was also located in the dining room. Her computer is basically obsolete for most games made in the last 2 years. Plus she doesn’t have internet because her computer is not compatible with our router. So we created a profile for her on the desktop computer and she can just play her games on there. We have the laptop if two people need computer time. Not having another desk in the dining room has allowed us to move the kids’ play kitchen back in from it’s exodus to the back yard. Chris and I gave it a good scrubbing with a Magic Eraser and the kids have had fun re-discovering it. I’m toying with the idea of adding a small play store, but that falls under the “we’ll see” department.

Today the girls and I went to Build-a-Bear at a nearby outlet mall. We had a few good reasons to head out there. I really wanted to get the stuffed ghost for Halloween, I had a $5-off coupon for said stuffed ghost, it’s extra bonus points for their loyalty program this week which puts me over the needed points and I’ll be receiving a $10 gift certificate to Build-a-Bear, and lastly, the kids still had money left on their gift cards from their birthdays so it was all free :) Tabitha also picked out a witch costume for one of her bears and Daisy picked a trick-or-treat bag for her cat. If I get my gift certificate before Halloween, I think I’ll go back and pick up a mummy costume for my bear.

As I said, we were at an outlet mall so I went ahead and shopped at Gap and Gymboree. I found a dress and pants set that I love for Miss Daisy at Gap. I’m glad to have found it since I was so very sad to pack up the last two winters worth of clothes last night to ship off to the auction winners. I looked for Tabitha but there was nothing we had to have. Same thing at Gymboree. Nothing worth buying for either girl there. We also did a quick stop at a Borders outlet and I picked up a Little Einsteins book Daisy has been wanting and a Geography book with experiments for Tabitha. I’ll hang onto it until we finish our current Maps and Geography book. Sadly, they didn’t have anything in Tabitha’s reading range except Harry Potter which she’s read them all and a Disney Fairies book that I have on order with Amazon. She loves book stores so much and was thrilled when I said we could look and then she was disappointed in their lack of selection.

I’ve done that which I’ve always made fun of and that’s create a lesson plan. *sigh* Sad to say I actually had fun making it and sticking to it yesterday and today. It’s more of a “Happy Homemaker Helper” than straight lesson plan since it also contains my to-do list, any activities for the day, and our dinner menu. I always have a menu in place and we have a calendar listing all our activities and I periodically make myself a to-do list, but this is an easy way to keep it all together in one place. And I’ve never done a lesson plan before so that’s a new element. My point though was to not be caught unawares with materials I might need for a project or if one subject might need a bit of extra time.

Daisy sits at the table with us during most of Tabitha’s lessons and wants to do her own lessons. But the kind of stuff she and I do isn’t really conducive to sitting at a table so I bought her a sticker and paste Kumon book and she loves it. But she wants to do a lot of pages in one sitting so I also bought her a Kumon tracing book, though it’s en-route from Amazon at the moment. Though not lessons related, per se, Daisy has recently started saying words by emphasizing the beginning sound. So she walks around the house saying “B-b-b-book” and “D-d-d-duck” for really no reason whatsoever other than she enjoys it. She’s pretty good too, though some sounds get mixed up. But she’s very interested in what sounds letters make so it’s a common topic of conversation with her.

Tabitha is only 6 lessons away from the end of Math 3. I already have her next Math level and she’s very excited to start it. We also have a new logic book called “Building Thinking Skills.” I think exercising the brain beyond learning information is so very important. The books seems to be in a format that Tabitha really likes so I assume it will go well. I did get a level 1 for grades 2-3 which may end up being a little too easy, but the end of the book should provide a bit of a challenge and then we’ll get the level 2. We’ll be starting that next Monday. I had also ordered her long awaited art program but of course it was back ordered so who knows when it will get here. Still to come in the Amazon order is a new grammar and punctuation book. I’ll work it into her creative writing like I do her writing skills book. Lasly, I started Tabitha on a typing program yesterday. We’ve had it a couple years, but she just couldn’t do it when she was 6. I think it was a combination of too small hands and not fully developed fine motor skills coupled with lack of patience. But she loved it yesterday and was sad when we turned it off. She was thrilled to do the second lesson today and is doing rather well. Her accuracy was really good on her second time through each practice part. It’s Timon and Pumbaa so Daisy gets a kick out of watching her.

I haven’t sewn in a couple days but I did scrapbook. Woo-hoo! Not the most elaborate layout but at least it’s done. I need to either sew or do a layout everyday. Today’s winding down though, I guess I better get cracking :)

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