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Sat. day

By Tara Zandra | May 6, 2006

Chris took Tabitha to hula this morning and took Daisy with him because I had a lot to do and knew I could get it done much quicker without the little one afoot. We debated what to do once they returned home and opted to put Daisy down for her nap and get some work done in the back yard. Our rose bush was way overgrown as we did not hack it down in March like we should have. So it’s down to its sticks and will look perfectly lovely in a few months (it tends to bloom year round). Tabitha kept us company by playing in the back yard while we worked.

After Wee Miss awoke, we went to a local Cherry Blossom Festival; we stayed all of 12 minutes, it was that bad. Since we were out we decided to go to Ikea and really, it was a very nice time. We bought a small rug that we had been wanting and some snacks in the cafe before heading home for dinner. Let me say, I cooked us some good stir-fry tonight :) It’s a common meal here but always different and tonight it was delish. We were having pineapple to go with it and Chris suggested we throw it on top of the rice, veggies and tofu. That was a mighty fine suggestion he had. Next time we’re going to fry the pineapple too. Tabitha eats all of it, just not as one dish, she keeps everything seperate on her plate. This was Daisy’s first taste of pineapple and with the way she went at it, it will definitely not be her last.

After dinner I took Tabitha to my mom as she is going to spend the night and go see my Grandfather tomorrow. So right now we just have one kid and we’ve put her to bed; party! LOL We’re still discussing how we’ll spend tomorrow.

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