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train wreck

By Tara Zandra | September 6, 2007

Tabitha is watching High School Musical 2 again and I feel I should put on headphones because it is next to impossible for me to not stop dead in my tracks staring at the tv in growing horror. I can’t look away once it sucks me into it’s quicksand of tweendom. I’m trying to distract myself with sewing. I’m working on a pair of cut-offs for Tabitha. I’m just embellishing them to go with a top I made her last week. I finished up a t-shirt, twirl dress for Daisy yesterday. I’m so pleased how it came out and think it’s adorable (because of the fabric). I’d like to check Joann’s for one last item before calling it done and ready for sharing.

Daisy had gymnastics this morning with all the crying kids. Some of them have issues with waiting their turn, which is completely understandable given the age. I do understand, I really, really do. But that doesn’t make it any less annoying, especially since Daisy doesn’t exhibit the same problem. Though at one point during class the little rugrat got up and gave a fake cry at waiting her turn. I told her that if she was going to cry at waiting her turn then I would take her right out of there. One of the moms laughed as if I was kidding, but Miss Daisy knew I was not and didn’t even attempt such a thing again. Part of the problem is she gets distressed at crying kids so I think she figured if she couldn’t beat ‘em she’d join them. Anyway, the instructor talked to me about possibly moving Daisy up to the next level even though she’s not 3. The coach said what she looks for is following directions and also still doing the circuit stuff during free time, both of which Daisy does. My only concern is the next level up is not parent participation and I don’t know that Daisy would go for that. So we’re going to give it a trial shot closer to the end of this session and then we’ll decide which is best for her on the next session.

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