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15 months

By Tara Zandra | May 5, 2006

Miss Daisy has reached the age of 15 months as of Thursday the fourth. People are always telling me how much she talks, but much of it is still so much jabbering. She really does seem to have the motor mouth tendency, whether or not we can understand her is completely beside the point. She does have a pretty good vocabulary though, and in true 21st century fashion, this blog serves as her baby book in a way so I’ll detail what she does say.

Most frequently used words:
Mulk [milk]
Wa [water]
Woo-woo [woof woof]
Quack quack
Bite [this means any food to eat]
Me me [this is said while pounding on her chest]
Dah-dee [Daddy]

Other words:
Cah-kie [cookie]
Cacker [cracker]
Baa Baa
Wee [Wiggles]
May-wee [Mary our cat]
Ahoy Air [ahoy there]
Nana [banana]
Tuck [stuck]
Mee-Nee [Minnie, as in the Mouse]
Pooh [like Winnie the Pooh]
Memere [that’s my mil]
pease [please]

In addition to being chatty, she is still a physical whirlwind. She climbs anything she sees and has little to no fear. When she runs, she balls up her hands and puts the near her waist as her little bum wiggles to and fro. She exalts in being thrown up in the air and being held upside down. But she does slow down to give the most delicious hugs while patting the receiver on the back. She has never met a stuffed animal she didn’t like and delights in snuggling with them with a sweet sound of aah. During her quiet moments before going of to sleep, she often sings in a high pitched soft sound that is contrary to her regular low tones that can be quite loud. As she drifts off, she plays with her hair on the right side. Once she’s up again, you can expect some incredible giggles and efforts to make others around her laugh.

She is the one I never knew I wanted but thank all that is good in the world that she made it to our family.

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One Response to “15 months”

  1. Suzanne Says:
    May 8th, 2006 at 11:35 am

    Sounds like you’re the very proud mom. Daisy is adorable and does have quite the vocabulary. I loved how you described her, it was so sweet.