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not much

By Tara Zandra | May 3, 2006

We didn’t really do much yesterday; kids got up, our day began, Daisy napped, Tabitha and I did lessons, Daisy awoke and we ran errands. We needed to get a couple things at Target and on the way there Tabitha asked if we could also go to Toys R Us so we stopped in there as well and even bought a couple small things. Next we ran to Best Buy for Pearl Jam’s new CD. Chris and I had talked about whether or not to get the CD or just download it off itunes. We’ve basically stopped buying any and all CDs and just download, but we have every Pearl Jam CD with their interesting jewel boxes. In the end, I’d rather keep our collection going because it kills me not to have all of something once I start.

Once home the kids played seperately and then it was time for nap #2 and I started dinner. I made a beer batter so I could deep fry zucchini, I’ve never made a beer batter before, I just usually do the standard dip the veggie into milk or eggs or beer and then dredge in flour that I’ve seasoned, but I thought I’d try something new. They came out so good, I will definitely be trying again. I’d like to use tofu next time. We also had corn on the cob for the first time in ages since Tabitha currently has all her teeth. Daisy didn’t quite get it though she tried many times, but she went to town on her baked beans and we even had to give her seconds. She also took a bite of stuffing, but I think just one, she’s not really a bread person so I’m not surprised.

After dinner I headed out for my walk as I’ve been sorely neglecting it lately. I actually haven’t lost a single pound because I’ve been far too inconsistent and well, we still have Easter candy :) But it felt good last night and I’m looking forward to getting out again tonight. Once I was out of the shower, I some time by myself as Tabitha was in her room playing and Daisy was very focused on being with Chris in the living room. After a bit I got Daisy off to bed and then Chris, Tabi and I watched American Idol. Tabitha then went to bed and Chris and I played our Kingdom Hearts game.

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