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The rest of the evening

By Tara Zandra | May 2, 2006

Last night after it became too dark to stay outside, though we didn’t bother turning on the sun lights, we realized the kids were in some serious need of being hosed down. We hadn’t cleaned up the toys yet so they were pretty filthy. Chris stayed out and cleaned the toys while I showered down two kids, one of which doesn’t get the concept of a shower and wanted to sit the whole time. I finally got her to stand and then confused her because I needed to sit her down in order to wash her feet.

After the shower, the baby received her massage and relaxed on my lap for a while with some milk before going to bed. We let Tabitha stay up another half hour and she spent it in the entry way setting up dominoes in order to knock them down. After I typed up last night’s entry I joined her and had fun making designs with her. Chris watched from the couch as his body was pretty sore.

Such a homey evening, I like those.

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