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’twas a good day

By Tara Zandra | May 1, 2006

Today was the kind of day I like, it just all went smooth and was relaxing and well, just a nice day. We started off the day with Kindermusik for Daisy and I, though Tabitha has to go with us now since Chris works on Mondays again. She just sat in the entry way with her Gameboy. After class it was home for snack time and then Daisy went down for quite the lovely nap and Tabitha and I did lessons. After lessons Tabitha bolted for the outside while I had lunch and dinked around on the computer. Once Daisy was up we headed to the grocery store where, once again, no snacks were harmed and thrown upon the floor (always a possibility) We filled our cart to the point where I had to take Daisy out of her seat for all the bags to fit which meant I had to take them up on the offer of help to my car. I’ve never done that before but the cart was simply too heavy for me to push one-handed or for Tabitha to handle.

We came home and the girls had lunch plus a Krispy Kreme treat and then played independant of each other before we headed out to bowling for Tabitha. Bowling went well, Tabitha got some help from the coach and her technique is improving. Home again and Tabitha again headed outside while Daisy and I played a bit before I started dinner.

Chris’s return to the homefront was met joyously and we settled into dinner soon after. Tonight we had a bit of dessert in the form of chocolate pudding; that received great approval from everyone involved. After dinner, Chris and I tackled the back yard as some work needed to be done in order for Daisy to play out there. Finally, we finished and Tabitha received her ultimate current wish of playing in the backyard with Daisy. Man did they both have a blast. Daisy had no trouble with our slide and even went down the roller coaster a few times. I’m not considering the backyard completely open for the season though as the chairs are still spider homes and the sandbox is empty. In the next couple of nights we’ll remedy that situation and start spending afternoons and evenings in the backyard. We spent many a night out there last year and I want to spend even more time there this year.

Today’s creative writing was to start “I want to…”
‘I want to go outside. No ifs, ands or buts. And thats all there is to it.’

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