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a non-entry

By Tara Zandra | May 1, 2006

I had two comments with questions that I forgot to answer:

Vanessa said:
“BTW, I was at Children’s Place today and saw a little shirt that had a sort of patchwork daisy design and said “Daisy Girl” in embroidered script. But I’ll bet she’s got that one already.”

And the answer is yes, we do already have it. Chris and I actually think it’s kind of ugl, but in a good way, but we bought the outfit anyway because I always call Daisy “Daisy Girl.”

JennAnne said:
“UGH…I hope Tabitha doesn’t make that oops again!!! Did Daisy ink herself?? or a wall?? That would’ve been Drew’s thing to do. Coat himself well then hand/fingerpaint the walls.”

Daisy did get ink on herself from all the inkpads she opened, but if then got it on anything else, I haven’t found it. She did hide the tube of glitter though and only she knows where it is because there was a fresh pile of glitter yesterday. Thankfully, no neon pink floam in the diaper.

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