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full steam ahead

By Tara Zandra | June 15, 2007

So I served pineapple with dinner last night. Either when I was transferring the rind/skin/peel/whatever to the trash or when Tabitha cleared the table after dinner, pineapple juice dripped in various places on my kitchen floor. So I’ll be walking and then just a little part of my foot will stick. Considering it’s been just barely a week since I last mopped, I’m not pleased. Next time I’ll serve pineapple the day before I plan to mop.

I pushed myself on my walk last night and though at the time it felt good, I felt kind of jello-y a couple hours after. I finally have a decent amount of this year’s songs to listen to while I walk instead of being stuck with last summer’s songs. Though “Hey There Delilah” (Plain White Tees) is too slow for warm-up even. But I enjoyed “Tarantula” (Smashing Pumpkins), “Guten Tag” (+44), “Icky Thump” and “Rag and Bone” (White Stripes), “Ruby” (Kaiser Chiefs) “March of the Dogs” (Sum 41) and even “Young Folks” (Peter, Paul, and Bjorn) was peppy enough to keep me going. Tuesday I’ll have the new White Stripes album though and that will be going non-stop I’m sure. I’m also waiting for Social D’s new album since their single hasn’t been released to i-tunes yet. But the walk was good, I almost went around one more time, but chose not to which I think was probably a good thing. I’m getting back into the groove where I look forward to going out and walking as opposed to when I usually have to talk myself into it. Oh, and I’m not longer the only walker in our neighborhood. There’s a pair of women that go in the opposite direction as myself and I’ve seen them every night this week. No hope of them being future walking buddies though. Not only do I not go in for that, but they have yet to acknowledge the smile I’ve given them every time we’ve passed. So I’ll just stop smiling then. I mean, even the guy washing his car gave the head nod pleasantry.

We watched another “1000 Places to See Before You Die” last night. It was on Nepal and though an interesting episode, it did not make me want to visit so I shan’t be adding it to my list. Next is Mexico and I really look forward to that because I’d like to visit but it’s such a large country, I don’t exactly know where I would want to go.

I really should be starting my morning business for it’s our busy day (aren’t they all?) but I’m so dead tired and just not in the mood.

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