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Eve again

By Tara Zandra | December 31, 2006

Yesterday we all went out first thing to get our errands done. But from the moment we left the house Daisy was declaring we were going out to dinner so we knew food was in the forecast. First stop was Lowes to buy paint and accessories. Tomorrow we plan to pain our entryway. We painted it when we moved in because it had been covered in wallpaper. But the doors were not changed and I’m ready for a change. So tomorrow, we get a funky entryway; assuming the vision in my head looks good in reality, lol.

At the end of Lowes Daisy was really insistent on ‘dinner’, so we headed to Red Robin; excellent meal as always. The kids and I walked down to the party store while Chris moved the car there, we were afraid if Daisy sat in her carseat she would knock out right away. It wasn’t a long walk but it was rather pleasant. The party store had exactly what I was looking for and even for less than the website I was going to utilize. So Tabitha’s birthday party planning is in full swing!

Daisy did fall asleep on the way home so she was put to bed and then Tabitha and I left to go to the mall for a bit. As any long time reader knows, we always go to Disneyland on Tabitha’s birthday and have been since she turned 2. We do something different each year and this year we’re taking her to the new Princess Fantasy Faire area. She knows this because I had to tell her otherwise she would have been pestering me all this time since it opened to go there. In any case, she has decided she simply must wear a princess costume on her birthday at Disneyland. She’s never done it, save for Halloween events, and she feels she’s due. I absolutely refuse to let her wear a wig since this is a birthday celebration not Halloween. The problem is most of her costumes are either 4/5 or 6/6x since she’s had them for so long. Anyway, this all ties in to the mall because ther is a Disney Outlet there right now and she saw an Aurora costume there the other day and decided that’s what she wants to wear for her birthday. She doesn’t know but I’ve also ordered a nice cloak for her in case it is cold. She’s not the type to simply throw a turtleneck under the dress if it’s cold like many kids do. So most of her birthday stuff is taken care of: invitations, plates, napkins, some decorations, birthday dress and cloak, decided on plans at Disneyland, purchased one of her two gifts from us and even took care of what she’s getting from my MIL. We did have to change the date of the party to a week earlier due to her first violin recital being the day we had planned her party. We couldn’t just change it to the other day in the weekend because she has a friend’s party to attend that day. Anyway, I’ve only 3 weeks til the party and a month until the birthday, I think I’m doing okay so far.

Geez, didn’t really mean to go off on that subject. Let’s see, Tabi and I did a little shopping at Old Navy and picked up two pairs of shorts and tops and a few pairs of flip flops. Oh! and I got Daisy the best shirt that says “2 cool for school.”
How perfect is that for a homeschooler? Sadly, they only carry them in little kid sizes which upset Tabitha as she wanted one too.

After looking around a bit more we came home and Daisy woke up soon after. It was then time to clean! The house has obviously been in disarray Christmas and with me being sick this week nothing got done at all. So homes had to be found for all the new toys. There wasn’t nearly the same amount as in years past (intentionally) but still a lot when your playroom has already spilled into both the dining room and the living room. The problem is how many BIG toys we have, they don’t just fit into bins. Lots of hard work though and the house definitely looks better. We’re still working on it but the playroom no loner looks like a tornado hit it and the living room now just looks a little messy as opposed to horrendous.

This entry is too long. To sum up, we cleaned, we ate, we put Daisy to bed, I played Boggle with Tabitha, put her to bed and then I collapsed in bed myself. Chris stayed up to play with his Wii (which is not as dirty as it sounds).

Happy last day of 2006!

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One Response to “Eve again”

  1. Jill Says:
    January 4th, 2007 at 4:14 pm

    That t-shirt is perfect for a homeschooled kid!
    When my daughter started kindergarten this year I bought a shirt from Old Navy that said “Allergic to Homework” which she wore the first day of school :) I hate homework! Especially in kindergarten!