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Post Christmas

By Tara Zandra | December 27, 2006

Today Miss Daisy is mad because I won’t let her watch “Wiggles Christmas” and the Christmas books are put away. She kept asking “what doing, Mama?” over and over yesterday as she watched me put away all the decorations. The house is stuffed to the gills with new stuff and she wants the decorations back up.

Christmas was very good for our family. We got to visit with friends on Christmas Eve that sadly we only see once or twice a year. The kids received a couple nice gifts on Christmas Eve and Chris and I each received something in the gift exchange. Tabitha: Disney Uno, Boggle and a Disney Princess book. Daisy: Baby Doll (which she adores as it drinks milk and makes noises while it drinks), big boat filled with bathtub toys, and a Winnie the Pooh book with CD. Both kids also received a gift card to Target and they were well spent last night. In the gift exchange, Chris recieved 4 tickets for AMC Theatres and I was given a 6 pack of Disney holiday antenna toppers and a Clinique eyeshadow/lip color pack.

We got home way too late and got Daisy into bed. Then Tabitha arranged cookies on a plate for Santa and we got her into bed. Now we had to get down to some work. We only had to wrap one thing, fill stockings and set up two toys. Oh and make cinnamon rolls for the next morning’s breakfast. Basically we didn’t get to bed until 2:30am. Ugh.

There were all sorts of wake up issues on Christmas Day but once we all were up with smiles on our faces the fun began. As we all walked into the living room I was so impressed with Tabitha making sure Daisy saw exactly what Santa left for her before looking at her own gift. Daisy _loves_ the Laugh and Learn Chair. Santa was right on with this toy. Both Tabitha and Daisy like the Fairies set Santa left Tabitha, I thought that might happen. Then Tabitha noticed the Cabbage Patch Kid sisters. She could not believe that they were named Tabitha and Daisy and kept wondering how Santa did it. Magic :) After a bit the kids opened their stockings which Tabitha tore through and Daisy didn’t get the concept. She kept saying there was nothing else after only pulling out one toy. Daisy’s stocking: Pirate skull playset, egg shakers, jingle bells, panda and tiger figures, Disney figures, two organic dolls. Tabitha’s stocking: Pirate skull playset, Wiggle Writer pen, lion family animal figures, Disney Cuties figures, organic cotton “pocket doll.” We left them to play and got the cinnamon rolls ready then we all sat down to eat for a bit. Now it was on the gifts.

We did exactly what we had planned and opened each gift fully before moving on to the next gift. This thrilled Daisy and while Tabitha liked the idea in theory she was ready to move on to the next gift before Daisy was ready. Daisy does like opening gifts though and by the end of the day had resorted to repeating “more presents” over and over until someone gave her a present to open.

We were about half way done when we decided it was getting late and we better get dressed and head over to my in-laws’. We made it there around 11, I think. We all received lovely gifts and I think the ones we gave were appreciated. Among other items, Tabitha and I both received our own Wii controllers and nun-chuks, Daisy got a bounce around Tigger that both delights and frightens her, lol, and Chris’s mom put together a photo album of pictures from his birth through 2000. Very cool as most people, myself included, don’t have pictures of themselves from when they were young.

We came back home after a while and got Daisy down for a nap. Tabitha decided she wanted to finish opening her gifts even though that meant not having any left when Daisy finished up later. She was pleased by it all and immediately started playing. Chris and I put together a cheese tray, various olives, bread and chips and salsa for munching on. My mom and sister came over and Daisy woke soon after which was nice timing. After visiting, we exchanged gifts; Tabitha loved it all and Daisy was just focused on ripping paper. She wanted the toys open too, but I really think her favorite part was the paper, lol.

It was getting to be evening when my mom and sister left and then we let Daisy finish opening her gifts. She was not happy when the gifts ran out, let me tell you. Chris and I did more cleanup and then Tabitha and I put together the Mega Fort that was to both girls from my dad. It was quite the hit, let me tell you.



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