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By Tara Zandra | December 24, 2006

Chris and I stayed up until midnight wrapping gifts, but we were tired and going slow and also distracted by “Scrooged” so we didn’t get quite as much done as we had hoped. This morning Chris took the kids to the park so I could finish up. I then met them at the park and we headed to Chipotle for lunch but while sitting at a table, Daisy rather loudly displayed that she did not want to be there so I left while Chris and Tabitha stayed to order our food to go. Daisy was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

Tabitha has been spending time on Norad tracking Santa. So far she’s seen him in Paris, France and Peru. She and I baked cupcakes because that’s what she wants as a treat for tomorrow. We’ll frost and decorate them sometime tomorrow. As a family we watched a show on the Travel Channel about the Holidays in Walt Disney World. Yeah, we’ll be needing to do that sometime. Not either of our next two trips though as those are already planned and we don’t want to switch them around. So it will be quite a few years. But it will happen.

Chris has been up to the roof to leaves oats for the reindeer, that was Tabitha’s idea. Turns out we don’t have actual oats so they are getting “Toasted Oats” aka, Target brand Cheerios. In a moment we’ll be getting dressed and heading to my in-laws’ for the evening. I leave you with pictures of all our Christmas trees.

Tabitha’s Tree:

Main tree decorated by Chris and Daisy:

My gingerbread tree on my kitchen counter:

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