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done, whether we are or not

By Tara Zandra | December 23, 2006

Last night we took the kids to my in-laws’ so Chris and I could get in more shopping. Then we headed out this morning to finish up and also get the food we need for Christmas Day. I was supposed to go out again but made the decision that what we have will suffice. I’m done. Pure and simple. I’m pleased with all we have, though I did not buy a gift for Chris and he didn’t buy one for me, lol. We’ll get them later I suppose, this isn’t the first year we’ve put it off. There’s just nothing I want or need and I had trouble getting him his gift. I need his opinion so I’d rather just tell him on Christmas Day what he’s getting and then we’ll shop together for it next week. Now to wrap. Every single thing has to be wrapped. So tonight we plan to put the kids to bed, turn on “Scrooged” and wrap until we drop.

Oh, and I got my Christmas miracle today; Daisy’s stocking was the one that didn’t come in and lo and behold it arrived today! I’m sharing a pic of the fireplace with all our gorgeous stockings hanging on it.


This next picture is of a mirror I recently purchased off disneyshopping.com. It is hanging in our entryway, which is where we display our Christmas cards.


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