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thoughts and a pic

By Tara Zandra | December 19, 2006

I jammed my left thumb yesterday in such a way as to snap my nail off much further down than it should be. Now it’s bloody and painful. Just looking at it makes it hurt let alone actually using it.

I’m less enamored with Family Fun this month because their kid friendly recipe is frickin hard and I’m the one doing it. Why would they have a cookie dough recipe that you have to stir by hand? That’s what mixers are for. So I’m cheesed off because it also involves saran wrap which is never any fun.

The good portion of my day was this morning when Miss Daisy slept through the entire mall trip and thus I avoided the inevitable screams of her wanting to walk. Plus, we were not buying Christmas gifts therefore there was no pressure on us. Though we should have picked up a gift certificate I completely forgot about until I got home. Also, we scored a killer spot without even trying. Lastly, the Place Pal I was planning on buying Tabitha anyway was 60% off.

I really like Neil Diamond. I really like Christmas songs. I do not like Neil Diamond singing Christmas songs. Thank goodness for the preview button on itunes or I’d be out fourteen bucks. Why it’s not 9.99 like all the others I don’t know.

I got our family picture *today* even though it should have been ready last Friday. I was actually at the point where I wasn’t going to send any cards at all because they are just store bought and have no personal touch. But since I do now have the photo (and 45 of them to boot) I guess I’ll be addressing Christmas cards tonight. So for those of you on the West Coast, you’ll get them soon. Everyone else, well, sorry I guess they’ll be there the day after Christmas. I tried.

Tabitha today says she wants to go visit family in Maine during the winter. Uh, no thanks. I’m not one who has ever dreamed of a white Christmas. I like sunshine, thank you very much.

At some point I really should figure out how the family is going to eat dinner tonight. I’m avoiding the thought so it’s either sandwiches, plain rice or Chipotle. Guess which one I’m leaning towards?

Daisy smashed her nose this morning in such a way that I almost called Chris to come home because I really thought she might have broken it. Thank goodness it appears to be okay and the actual spot she hit is not where I thought. Though she has a lovely red mark there now that looks like she’s leaking blood out of her nose. Lovely.

Sorry, I’m in a foul mood and that would be why this post is rather down. There should be a law against this mood while listening to Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas music. Maybe I just need more Diet Coke.

And M&Ms.

Here’s the picture of Tabitha and Daisy with their hair being affected by static. You can’t really tell Daisy’s hair is standing up but you really can with Tabitha.


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2 Responses to “thoughts and a pic”

  1. Mandi Says:
    December 19th, 2006 at 7:49 pm

    Ok, I am *politely* demanding to see the store pics! teehee :)

    Poor Daisy and poor you, I really cringe hearing how you injured yourselves this week. I really hope your thumb feels better soon. That kind of nail injury is so painful!

    Oh, and I must add that I think Neil Diamond stinks!! LOL

  2. Melody Says:
    December 23rd, 2006 at 9:39 am

    That’s probably the cutest picture I’ve ever seen!