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The return of Mr. F

By Tara Zandra | December 18, 2006

My gardner decided to show up today. He told me he forgot last week. Problem is, he was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago. Then he left without asking for my check. Bizarre. Gardners are often times more trouble than they are worth; on the other hand, the overgrown palm tree now looks normal so I won’t complain.

Here’s a question I’ve been pondering for a couple hours: how can I go to Whole Foods for laundry detergent and yogurt and come home sixty dollars poorer? Every darn time. You’d think I’d learn not to go there.

The kids are currently playing “fun with static” in the tent. It’s plastic and the air is dry because of the constant running of the heater. So they were both sitting inside the tent and their hair was standing on end. I got a picture, but I’m too lazy to share right now.

Yesterday we went to Disneyland, though we didn’t set an alarm and go first thing. Man was it cold. Never even hit 60 and frankly, under 70 is way too cold so yesterday was just absurd. We got there around 10:00 and left about 5:00 so it was a long day. We bought each kid a giant mylar Christmas balloon and then tried to figure out how to get them home in my tiny Kia. That’s what’s called “good ideas gone bad.” I have a lot of those.

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One Response to “The return of Mr. F”

  1. Melody Says:
    December 23rd, 2006 at 9:40 am

    I hear ya, people think I’m strange that I feel cold when it’s below 70. Fifties is COLD!