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2080 weeks

By Tara Zandra | June 4, 2014

So I celebrated the day of my birth which makes me 40 now.

Not the best thing going on in my life. The thing is, I’ve been fine the last 2 years knowing 40 was coming. Then just after midnight Chris wished me a happy birthday and I thought, “Damn.”

Took me a couple days to adjust but now I just want to get to 41 and be fine for the next 9 years again.

Oh well, still maintain it’s better than the alternative. And I don’t mind growing older per se, guess I don’t always want to put a number to it though.

In other news we spent a couple days at Disneyland and that was fun. Saturday was for my birthday and Monday was to meet up with friends. Except Daisy and I were worn out (Sunday was a very, very long day) so Tabitha met her friends and Daisy and I kicked back and just enjoyed being in Disneyland.

Specifically we sat in the shade, ate treats, and played on our ipads/iphones. Frankly, it was a fabulous day.

Tuesday we had violin and today we were supposed to rest. Daisy rested up the wazoo as her foot is injured so she spent the day on my bed with her foot in an ace bandage and propped up. I didn’t even want her to walk a little so I didn’t have her go to dance to watch. Not ideal with recital a week away, but it couldn’t be helped.

Going back to my last post, I have most of Tabitha’s US History materials now so I hope to spend tomorrow happily lesson planning. I’ve also been researching my options for her science.

Going to have to cut this short. Guess I’m tired as all these words are kind of swimming before my eyes. Maybe my eyes just remembered how old they are.

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One Response to “2080 weeks”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    June 5th, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    I got to 40 and then it was like my concept of myself froze there. I’m 42, turning 43 in November, but “40″ is always the first thing that comes to mind when I have to tell someone how old I am. Maybe my brain just can’t handle those extra digits! It’s funny because when I turned 30, I thought that was sooooo old (and I was actually mildly upset about it the whole year I was 29, not so much the year before turning 40), but now 30 seems barely older than a high schooler to me.