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not quite ocd

By Tara Zandra | May 29, 2014

I wouldn’t classify myself as ocd, but once an idea pops into my head, I cannot let it go. I will practically drive myself insane trying to do something, or fix something, or figure something out and it all has to happen RIGHT.NOW.!

Anyway, I’ve spent the last two days working on lesson planning. I’ve been severely lacking in that lately and well, it’s kinda important and all.

Yesterday I tackled Dee’s science curriculum. We’re going to do the human body and I’ve had all my resources for about 2 weeks but hadn’t done much with them. Wow did it take me a lifetime! All day I was working on it and when I thought I needed an hour or two. Part of it was getting them down in the right format for me. I spent a bit too much time rewriting everything trying to get it just right. Now I’ve got a glorious 10-page outline that will make each day a complete breeze (at least in science). Words may have been swimming before my eyes by the end of the day, but man I think it’s totally going to be worth it. Sometime in the not too distant future, I’ll actually upload the outline here and make it available to anyone who might be looking for a good elementary human body unit study. Might as well save someone else the time and trouble it took me.

Today I turned my attention to Tabitha’s US History lessons. Boy are they a mess. She uses a great geography program so she’s still getting social studies, but so far her entire knowledge on US History comes from a quick unit we did when she was 10 and American Girl books. To be honest, those AG books actually gave her a pretty good background though. I mean, I ran a club for 2 or 3 years, then she switched to a class taught by someone else and she knows more than we thought. Ancient will always be her strong point though, because that’s her passion. Anyway, I’m trying to piece something together and turned to a trusty resource that I love. They are called Learning Through History Magazines. One thing I like about them is each issue has a suggested reading list broken down by age and we have always supplemented with historical fiction and biographies. Of course, two issues I need (Westward Ho and Great Depression) are out of stock and this company doesn’t really publish anymore so the chances of them putting them out as reprints or CD-ROMS are slim to none. I mean, they don’t even offer any of the issues as digital downloads.

They do have most of the issues I do want though but I need to wait for them to arrive, of course. Which means I can’t compile the reading list and go over reviews until they do. Which means I will then have to wait for those books to be ordered and arrive at which point I can finally, finally, do the full lesson planning.

And that is why I’ve worked myself into a tizzy- lack of patience for things to arrive.

In all honesty, that really is all I’ve done the last 2 days. I fed kids and drove them to dance, but I haven’t done anything else beyond the bare minimum. I foresee more of the same next week as I’m also really behind on Dee’s geography. And Tabitha currently doesn’t do any science, which will have to change pretty darn quick.

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