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We need more power

By Tara Zandra | May 27, 2014

Sunday morning as I was sitting here at the computer while the family slept, there was a loud noise and then the power went out. But it came back on within maybe 2 minutes. Eventually I woke the family and cooked breakfast and just as the last pancake came off the griddle, out went the power. This time it did not come back on.

Tabitha had been saying she wanted to go to Disneyland, so we figured this was a great idea in light of our situation so we got ready and headed out. We went to California Adventure and rode the Litter Mermaid ride and then grabbed frozen treats before getting into the hour line for Toy Story. We never wait in lines like that, but we made the best of it. After our treats were done we played Heads Up on Tabitha’s phone which is a fun game. Bonus because we entertain the people around us in line too. They could play along, in a way, and we were asked multiple times the name of the game. Once we tired of that, we amused ourselves with a Disney trivia game that we made up and before we knew it- front of the line!

The girls then road the roller coaster twice in a row while Chris and I sat and chatted and kept up with the no-hitter going on with the Dodgers. By then it was past one and we were wilting in the humidity so it felt like a good time to head out. We made a stop for groceries, get home-

No power. Still.

At this point the electric company was saying it would be out until midnight. Thankfully it wasn’t sweltering, just humid. So we opened up the whole house and did our things as best we could. But the thing about our house is it’s dark. We get very little outside light so even though it won’t get dark until after 8pm, our house is pretty much dark all day. And I had no way of cooking dinner.

Eventually we packed up all our chargers, then grabbed some fast food and went to my in-laws’ for awhile. We plugged everything in and ate, then hung out for another hour. A movie seemed in order and there was a dollar house nearby showing The Lego Movie which we had never seen. Off we went!

The movie was fun for all of us (thank goodness). Daisy isn’t a theater fan so just convincing her to go took some doing. Then we get there and she looks absolutely miserable and the previews were really loud which she hates. The movie itself though had a reasonable audio level and she thought it was rather funny. I caught her laughing out loud on more than one occasion so it was a success!

It was after 9pm when the movie ended and the electric company was now saying it could be on by 10pm. So we hit Target, bought some lanterns (in case it went off again in the middle of the night) and went home to find the power had returned!

So it was a weird Sunday and not what I planned at all but it was full of lovely family things so I can’t complain too much :)


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