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Yay for Friday!

By Tara Zandra | May 23, 2014

It was a good one too. Sat outside at park chatting with 2 very good friends, surrounded by more friends; hatched a secret plan with one friend that has me very excited; watched my kids have a great time with friends. Then I took 5 kids to dance which is all kinds of fun. I don’t have nieces or nephews so I like to steal my friend’s 3 girls every now and then. I like having that many for a few hours. I wouldn’t want 5 kids for myself all the time so this is just perfect. Anyway, it wasn’t a regular dance class, it was a party celebrating one of the dances that is beach themed so it was a beach party! They wore swimsuits and had water balloons and squirt gun fights. So much fun my girls had!

Once home we’ve all had a fairly relaxing time with a simple dinner of tostadas. Eventually the girls used their new shaved ice machine to make, well, shaved ice! It’s like the old Snoopy Sno-Cone machines from when we were all kids. I never had that though so when the girls were pining for the Jelly Belly one at Michaels yesterday, I surprised them with a “yes!” Every now and then you gotta give in to the ridiculous request. So we all had shaved ice and it was pretty darn good. We bought the manual one so they had to work for it. I put a photo on instagram of the machine but couldn’t get a good one of the finished product with color. I’ll try again next time.

I also did a lot of crocheting today both at park and here at home which always pleases me. I like my little creations. At park I worked on turtle parts, but at home I made a little mushroom.

DSC_5451 (430x640).jpg

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