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By Tara Zandra | December 14, 2006

Last night we went for a tour of a candy store so they could show us how candy canes are made. While it seemed like the ideal holiday activity, it was not. There appeared to be two very large groups there, not just our group. So all the kids were told to squash in to the front so they could see and then the first row of adult could see and that was it. The window area was so small that we’re talking maybe 6 adults had a good view. And this was touted as a family event so it was dads and moms. In any case, Daisy couldn’t do anything because there’s no way she could have squased in there with the kids and she didn’t want to sit on Chris’s shoulders. So he and I took turns walking her up and down the sidewalk. Then, Tabitha didn’t get her bag of candy that I paid for and I couldn’t find the person who organized it for my group. So I bought her 4 stick candies before we got the heck out of there. A lot of these people had driven in from LA and if that had been me sitting in traffic for over an hour to go to this place I would have been livid. So this falls under the “never again” category.

But! Just as we were heading to the off ramp on our way there we saw a bajillion lights on houses nearby. We had half an hour until we needed to be at the store so we went in search of the lights and oh my this neighborhood was amazing. I didn’t have my camera, unfortunately and there is no way I can do it justice. Just think of those neighborhoods you see on the news and this was one of those. On one street many of the houses went with a theme, so one was all Sesame Street, one was Pooh, one was Dr. Seuss. One was a nativity with a dozen angels but everything was Cabbage Patch Kids! And the lights! Oh the lights! Just insanity. I shudder to think of their electric bill, lol. Every square inch of these houses were covered in some light or another. We had such a lovely time oohing and aahing that it made the whole fiasco worth it.

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