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By Tara Zandra | February 12, 2014

Our annual Valentine party hostess let us know that she could not put it together this year. I’m always swamped with birthdays and this year I’ve also got more dance obligations and let’s throw in sewing a costume- there was no way I was hosting the party.

But I felt bad and really wanted to do something at least for the little kids. Tabitha gave me her blessing.

And so I found myself playing hostess to six kids ages 5-9 today and I pulled it together in 4 days time. Because that makes perfect sense in my brain somehow.

I love planning so that was all good. Pinterest helped as did a handy mailbox kit in the dollar aisle at Target. Friends also lent their support so it wasn’t solely on me.

First we painted salt dough heart ornaments (those were provided by a friend). Next we constructed our mailboxes and had great fun learning how to use tape properly. I didn’t think it was a skill until I had to help this many kids at once. They partnered up though and were able to help each other.

Next we played a bean bag toss game for a bit and then I took them one by one to deliver their Valentines to the mailboxes. I had made a mailbox for Tabitha so each of the kids gave her a Valentine too. She really likes these kids so I figured she’d appreciate it. They enjoyed sharing the cards with each other after they were all delivered. Our emphasis was on simple and not treat bags. I was happy to see completely homemade cards (even if my kid’s were from a kit- she still made them!).

Tabitha then took the kids outside for a heart scavenger hunt she had set up earlier in the day. Meanwhile, I put lunch together. Once they were back and washed up, it was time to eat.


Heart shaped quesadillas, strawberries cut into hearts, pretzels, raspberry lemonade, and heart cookies (provided by a friend). I also couldn’t resist the large paper straws and there was more than one child who mentioned liking them. They oohed over the various shapes and decorations and frankly, it made me feel good like it was all worth the trouble I went to.

After lunch they made a Valentine’s card for their mom and dad and then we made owls out of toilet paper rolls. Lastly they played Hot Valentine (hot potato but with heart bean bags I whipped up). They enjoyed the heck out of the bean bag games and it’s too bad we didn’t even get to the other two I had planned.

All in all it was a great day. I gave them a wand party favor that Daisy and I made yesterday and ended the party.

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