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By Tara Zandra | February 2, 2014

Title of the post comes from the picture I was going to share. It’s two scoops of ice cream side by side and Daisy topped each one with a cherry so naturally, b00bs was the first thing that came to my mind. From the looks of Chris giggling, he clearly thought the same. But my picture does not do it justice and it’s kind of weird and well, no picture today- just a story on how I’m apparently still 12 (except at 12 I would have been far too embarrassed to use the word b00bs or any word referencing any sort of body part. Because preteen bodies= gross).

Last night Tabitha attended a masquerade ball thrown by a semi-local homeschool teen group. It’s the first event of theirs she has attended and it went pretty well. She definitely looks forward to future events. Though she attended dances previously with a different program, this one was more formal so it was fun to shop for a dress and heels and such. Okay, I overcame my laziness and took the pics off my camera. I still won’t share the ice cream one, but here’s my Tabi ready to go to the dance.


Life tends to be a series of ups and downs, of course. I understand it’s a yin and yang and we need one to balance the other. None of my downs the week have been bad, but I also foresee more consistent downs than ups in the coming week. I’m also experiencing some frustrations with current projects that are time sensitive and important to others. I feel a lot of pressure not to screw them up which is leading to fantastic levels of procrastination in order to avoid possibly screwing them up.

Now, picture a spinner from a game and each sector is something that needs to be done. In my current case, each sector is equal in size if we use size as a correlation to importance. But the spinner is just spinning around and around and won’t stop anywhere and if it won’t stop, nothing will get done.

That’s how I feel all the time right now. I worry about all the new worry lines I’m putting in my forehead and frankly, after last year’s illness-palooza, I don’t think I can afford more lines.

None of this is to say I feel unique and oh poor me. I’m merely explaining why a lot of my posts these days may seem like I’m not even trying. I’d rather half-ass the posts instead of disappearing though.

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One Response to “maturity”

  1. Mel Says:
    February 4th, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    She looks lovely and so grown up. I’d never get B into a get-up like that one. LOL She bought a dress yesterday at Kohls planning to wear it with leggings and her Converse for her school’s spring dance. Oy vey. LOL