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Now that was a weekend

By Tara Zandra | December 12, 2006

Friday evening, Chris and Tabitha went off to the halau’s Christmas party. Daisy and I stayed home because I was pretty sure Daisy was coming down with a cold and she had only slept 40 minutes at nap time that day. I definitely made the right decision as I found myself counting down the minutes to bed time. In any case, Tabitha had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed herself. One little mishap with the gift exchange. She had a Macy’s gift card she didn’t want and there was an older girl who ended up with a Cabbage Patch Kid she didn’t want. So they traded. But Tabitha didn’t really want the Cabbage Patch Kid at all. Then, she comes home and shows me what she got and my heart just sank. She’s *getting* a Cabbage Patch Kid Lil’ Sisters set from Santa. One where the baby is named Daisy and the big sister is named Tabitha for goodness sake (Santa’s good). She didn’t even want the one she got at the gift exchange but when it was suggested she donate it that set her off to wails that then she would have nothing. Now this being my kid, I appealed to her mercenary, greedy side; I offered to buy it off her. I would give her the cash and we’d donate the doll. Maybe not the best lesson but we’d already had some good donating from the heart lessons this season and frankly, I was desperate to get rid of that doll. She kind of agreed and that ended Friday night.

Saturday morning was snow! It’s the day every year that snow is trucked or helicoptered or whatever in to a local park so those of us too lazy to drive to the mountains can throw our kids into some shaved ice for a while. Both kids loved it and Tabitha had a great time on her sled run, as usual. After the snow play the kids played all the games and then did a few crafts before we headed home for lunch.

At 4:00pm, Chris and dropped the girls off with his parents and then we were off for the night! The last time the two of us spent the night in a hotel was my 30th birthday. We didn’t even have Daisy yet (well, technically we did, we just didn’t know I was pregnant yet). It was the Christmas Party for Chris’s work. Man do they go all out! It was being held at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach. The party was basically in 3 different rooms. The main room was where just about all the tables were plus a band playing Christmas music and a dance floor. The outer room (not really a room but not a hallway either, just the outer area) had a picture taking area, more tables, and two bars. The smaller room had three more bars, including the trendy poor the appletini through the ice block table, a large mingling area, large dance floor and a jazz band. Oh, and it was all open bar. Wasted on us, of course, lol. Chris had one beer but other than that it was water and Diet Pepsi for the both of us.

So, dinner. First course was a wild greens salad with candied pecans and dried cranberries. Second course was sorbet to cleanse the palate. Third course was the entree and we had cheese ravioli with a cream sauce and diced red and yellow peppers on top. The vegetable (which was the same for the chicken and beef/shrimp eaters as well) was two asparagus and a frou-frou carrot wrapped in a thin slice of grilled yellow squash. Delicious. The last course was dessert which I should have taken a picture of because I’m simply not going to remember. We had a square plate with four small treats plus a white chocolate snowflake or tree proclaiming Happy Holidays. One treat was like a mini apple pie tart, there was a chocolate cake like treat in a chocolate shell, and two others I simply don’t remember. After dinner there was dancing and general merriment, it was just lovely.

As I said, we were spending the night away and we were planning on staying at the Hyatt since Chris’s employer negotiates special rates for the employees for the night. When we walked up to check-in well before the party (we were planning on getting ready in our room then going down to the party) we were greeted and asked if we had heard of their free night promotion. I’m thinking it’s buy two nights get a third free at a later time. Nope. The hotel was overbooked. We were assured they had a room for us, but because they were overbooked they were offering to set us up down the street (just a block away really) at the Hotel Renaissance and they [the Hyatt] would pay our room, parking, and give us taxi vouchers so we wouldn’t have to worry about driving. Uh, okay. That seemed a no brainer to us so we got the necessary paperwork and headed up the street and checked-in there. The room was gorgeous. I mean, just gorgeous. They’ve recently redone every room and the decor was simply stunning. I exclaimed over it many times over. The down side was we had two doubles instead of the King we would have had at the Hyatt, but still, we were in a $300 room for free.

So, let’s see, now we’re at Sunday morning. After sleeping [!] until 8:15 for me and 9:00 for Chris we got ready pretty leisurely and called my mil to check on the kids. I was more than a bit worried about Daisy because in the middle of the night, it’s me and only me she wants and this was our first night away from each other. But all my worry was for naught. She did just fine and when she did ask for me, a reminder that I wasn’t there was all it took. No wails all night or anything, thank goodness! We checked out and went to grab a quick bite which just ended up being pastries from Albertson’s bakery, lol. We then headed to the Pike which is a newish shopping area. Of course, being Sunday, nothing opened until 11:00 so mainly we walked around and enjoyed each other’s company for a while. We then decided on a place for lunch, Extreme Pizza. It was so freaking good and definitely somewhere we’d like to go again.

After lunch we went to my bil’s apartment for the first time and stayed for a visit for a while. It was around 1:30 when we headed to my in-laws’ to get the kids. After we picked them up and gave and received a million kisses, the four of us went to Toys R Us to do our Toys for Tots donations. We then went into to Toys R Us which was just stupid and not something I want to relive. Home, dinner, a little Zelda on the Wii and good night.

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  1. Miss Quinlan Says:
    December 12th, 2006 at 5:33 pm

    A Wii game system eh? Both of my brothers asked for one for Xmas.