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not quite as planned

By Tara Zandra | December 5, 2006

Our play date turned into a park date which was fine, but then Daisy took a marathon nap and I ended up waking her up 10 minutes after we were supposed to be at the park. Factor in changing her and drive time (it’s far) and we were 45-minutes late. By then it was starting to get chilly which negated the whole purpose of using the nice day to go to the park. Not to mention I forgot to take our friends goodies so I failed on our first goodie-delivery mission.

But the evening went well for after dinner we all decorated our trees. We now have 3 total, one in the living room, Tabitha’s in the dining room and my tree which is exclusively for gingerbread cookie ornaments in the kitchen. I used only red lights and I really like how it looks. All the trees are beautiful and we had a good time decorating. We turned on music and talked about the ornaments, reminicising. Just how a Christmas evening should go :)

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