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Break out the advent calendars

By Tara Zandra | December 1, 2006

Today Christmas officially begins :) I like to wait until the 1st because that’s after Chris’s birthday, I don’t want him overshadowed. He did have to work yesterday as he took his birthday day off back in September in order to extend our trip by one day. Once he was home he opened his gifts and then we went out. We went to Chipotle and Cold Stone, though I went to Starbucks instead for hot chocolate. We had to eat the Cold Stone in the car because they only have outside seating and it was cold! We then had to say his birthday was over as it was time for hula for Tabitha. She couldn’t miss because she has a performance tomorrow.

But today is Christmas for us and I’m ready :) I’m going to play some Christmas music, start the kids’ day off with chocolate from their advent calendars and tonight we’ll start bringing out the boxes. Tomorrow, Tabitha and I start our month-long baking marathon.

Life is good.

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