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Tuesdays are never my friend

By Tara Zandra | April 30, 2013

Weekend was pretty good for us, though there was some canceling of plans. Friday night we hit up Mad T Party which was fun, of course. The crowd was gigantic thanks to some event going on. It was getting to me after a while. But as summer crowds are coming, I either need to deal or not go and going and being annoyed with people is better than staying home and doing nothing.

Saturday we were supposed to take 5 children to the Natural History Museum, but our friends ended up having to cancel due to illness so we unexpectedly had the whole day to ourselves. Chris and I ended up doing our usual grocery and lunch run. I think the girls did a sum total of nothing.

Sunday Daisy was gone for the day at a friend’s house and then that evening Chris and I went back to T Party just because. We left the kids with my mom so it was really nice not having to worry about them and check in with them all the time. However, I trusted accuweather and that was a mistake because I froze my ass off. So, so cold. I could barely handle it but I knew we’d be leaving at 9:30 so I stuck it out. Despite the cold, it was a nice date night.

So yesterday I woke with a major sinus headache and could not find any meds in the house. I was going to go to Target but it was a really debilitating headache so it took me a long time to actually get going in the morning. I was close to not functioning at all by the time I took the meds and then though they took away some of the symptoms they did not take away nearly enough so I spent the rest of the day kind of wandering in a fog. Eventually I took a long nap which did absolutely nothing. I had dinner plans that I refused to postpone because they had already been postponed a couple times. So I went. And actually, during dinner itself I didn’t feel too bad though one of my ears was still a tad clogged. The weird thing was the waiter got on my case for “yelling” at him. So I thought maybe I did since my ears were clogged, even though I was making an effort to speak low. My friend did not think I was yelling and gave him the same weird look I did. I guess he thought he was funny? Never be a funny waiter to me, you will not get a good tip.

Anyway, dinner was good, we chatted afterwards for awhile and then as soon as I was in my car, the headache came back in full force. The end of all this is I also did not sleep. I had maybe 4 hours total last night because every time I woke, I’d be awake for a long time. Chris’s alarm goes off at 5 and I haven’t been back to sleep since. I tried many different positions but eventually had to give up that losing battle. And I still have this damn sinus headache. I have to at least be semi-present for the kids but I’m dead tired and feel really miserable.

So yeah, Tuesdays hate me for some reason.

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