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By Tara Zandra | April 27, 2013

Not the most productive of weeks. Then I thought Daisy was getting a cold so we even cancelled 3 things we had going on only for Chris to point out to me that it was probably her allergies. He’s right. One day I’ll learn to tell the difference.

So the week was pretty much practicing violin, sitting around, dance, more sitting around, and going to park and Mad T Party.

We did have plans for today but there we cancelled (not on our end) so the girls can get some rest after their long Friday and Chris and I can get a little housework done. So, nothing interesting to report, I’m afraid.

Oh, I can tell you a little story about last night at T Party. In between then band’s sets there’s a DJ, so the crowd can change based on who’s there to dance and who’s there for the band (I’m sure many people are there for both). Just before the 4th set (so it was still DJ time) we noticed a guy we called Tex because he was a young, burly white guy with a cowboy hat and a plaid shirt with the sleeves cut off. He did the totally classic biting of his lower lip and barely moving his head to the music. As it went on he got a little more into it, but not a whole lot. I decided I absolutely had to watch him when the band came on stage because they are modeled after ’80s glam with some of the guys wearing more make-up than women and March Hare especially is pretty out there with his costume. So the band comes up and I’m not even watching my beloved Hatter- I’m just watching this guy. And his face, oh my his face. It went into a complete lip curl, brow furrow confusion and I think the letters W T F actually popped up over his head. He starts looking around really trying to figure it out. The first song is “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police, so not exactly current and Tex probably wasn’t even born when it came out. So for the whole first song he still look confused and put off and really seemed unhappy with the turn of events. The next song is “DJ Got Us Falling in Love,” not my personal favorite but Tex knew this song and he was in.

Hook; Line; And Sinker.

He was in. He put aside whatever feelings he had with his initial gut reaction and white-boy rocked out for the next few songs. His transformation was glorious to watch.

I love T Party.

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