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To dance is to be free

By Tara Zandra | April 24, 2013

Saturday and Sunday were both competition days for my girls. Tabitha had 1 dance on Saturday which also includes Daisy and is the production number. Daisy had another dance on Saturday and was her jazz team. I don’t have a lot of pictures to share because most of them include other children, but I got this one of Daisy practicing for Witch Doctor (jazz team).


It wasn’t too early or too long of a day so that made us all happy. Especially as Sunday we had to be there at 8am. That is absurdly early to have complete hair and makeup done for two children. Have I mentioned the time consuming hairstyle? It takes long enough that I had both girls sleep in the French braid the night before and just redid the buns.

First up was Daisy’s ballet duet which she does with one of her best friends (and they are adorable together). It’s done to Music Box Dancer and they look like the ballerinas in a jewelry box. As soon as Daisy was done it was off to the dressing room! I had 14 numbers to get her changed, which is plenty, but only half of that to get back in the auditorium to see Tabitha dance her jazz trio. Made it no problem though. Then we saw Daisy do her tap duet. She and M have been tap duet partners since they were 5 and they work so darn well together. Sunday they did very well and took first in the 8 and under age division :) So proud of them!

This picture is Daisy in her tap duet costume and Tabitha in her jazz trio costume.


We had a pretty long break after awards and went to eat some junk food at Jack in the Box; sometimes you gotta indulge. Once we were back at the competition Tabitha had to warm up for her contemporary duet- Daisy was done for the day. T and her partner did well and received 3rd in their age group and then we were done.

We were so. so. done.

These weekends take a lot out of all of us, but totally worth all the fun my girls have.

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One Response to “To dance is to be free”

  1. marion Says:
    April 25th, 2013 at 2:04 am

    Beautiful! I remember the dance days with my oldest….and now she is 22…sigh…
    I love the costumes in the above photo!!