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We did stuff

By Tara Zandra | April 23, 2013

Last Wednesday we headed to the Discovery Science Center to see the Indiana Jones exhibit before it closed. Basically they had props from all four movies as well as archaeological finds from various digs around the world. The artifacts were accompanied by information on how to document finds, how to go about figuring out what was found and how it was used- general archaeology information. It was fairly well done, the older child spent well over an hour enjoying everything while Dee and I were out in under an hour. That is pretty much how I figured it was going to go. For the most part, Daisy was interested in the costumes from the movies, though she also enjoyed looking at the real relics as well.

The exhibit provided something like a miniature tablet with headphones which gave information and audio each step of the way through the exhibit. Tabitha loved it and put it to good use- Daisy, not so much. She still wouldn’t take one even after finding out there was a built in scavenger hunt.


She didn’t really want me taking her picture and then went all creepy Vanna White when I told her to show me the computer.



Thursday seemed like a regular day but you see, after I took the kids to dance, I left them there and it was off to see Green Day!! Oh my how I love them live! We counted and think this was our 6th time seeing them. The first was back in 1994 at Lollapallooza. The thing was, I had heard the whole of Dookie when it came out and was not impressed. Then we saw them live at Lolla and they blew me away.

The concert was amazing, of course. They didn’t play everything I would have liked, but they definitely played some of my favorites and killed it on each and every song. I think my favorite was King for a Day- the energy was palatable on that one. And then it goes into Shout so beautifully. They played my favorite off of ¡Tré!, which was Brutal Love, that one really grabbed me from the first time I heard it. Then, oh my, then they played Jesus of Suburbia of all things. All 9-and-a-half-minutes of it.

And lo, it was good.

Friday was a blur as I was so.damn.tired. But of course, duty calls! In this case, motherhood. I had to get my children to a ballet performance of Cinderella by 9am. That’s way too early for homeschoolers. I had no sleep, a raging headache, and no desire to sit through a ballet. Oh, and apparently even though it was a school performance (we went with our dance academy), some people dressed as if they were going to “the ballet” in the evening and there I was in my Green Day shirt looking hung over. I make good impressions everywhere I go.

The performance was okay, there were many annoyances, but that’s probably way more on me than anything else. And then we headed to park for a couple hours to sit in the gorgeous weather.

Eventually I took children to dance, then got husband and took him to beer tasting, and then picked up children before coming home and crashing.

Oh, but I’m not done yet.

Dance competition!

Which I now don’t have time to get to. Tomorrow- I promise.

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