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LA Sports-a-palooza

By Tara Zandra | April 6, 2013

We had no plans for the day and the Kings and Dodgers were kind enough to not play at the same time so we turned it into a game day. We started with the Kings game at 1pm and had nachos for lunch. First of all, I clearly had no idea what I was doing because I was perplexed at the lack of heating directions on the jar of cheese sauce. Second of all, as Chris so eloquently put it, the “cheese” tasted like plastic. So not sure I’d call the nachos a success. But the Kings won so that’s good enough.

During the game I finished a crocheted cupcake for Daisy. Last night we were at Barnes and Noble and she saw the display of stuffed food. Let me say that Daisy has always shown an affinity for stuffed animals. Most kids like them in general, but from the time she was a baby, it was clear that stuffed animals were more than just a like for her. Now, the second thing she has a strange attachment to is food- especially food toys. So a stuffed “animal” food is pretty much the best thing in the world to her. So for her birthday I had bought her a stuffed cupcake, which she loves. So she saw the display last night and wanted more. I said no. I said she could buy them with her own money but secretly thought it would be a waste since, you know, she had one at home. This brought on angst and tears because there is a spyglass she wants at Disneyland so she kind of can’t spend her money right now. Eventually I told her I would just crochet her a damn cupcake and it wouldn’t cost her a cent. This new skill of mine is really coming in handy.

So all that to say, I crocheted a cupcake but I didn’t take a picture. Tomorrow.

In between games we had popcorn- I would have gone with peanuts except Dee doesn’t eat them. Next was watching tonight’s episode of Doctor Who. Darned if I not only liked it, but I was emotionally moved. I will not let Tabitha in on that info or I will never hear the end of it.

Next came the Dodger game and veggie dogs. During this game I finished the head of the next Doctor Who plush for Tabitha. I have to put in an order for more yarn before I can do much on it.

The Dodgers were also kind enough to win so a good fan day in the Anc Fam.

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