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too much food

By Tara Zandra | January 25, 2013

Anyone want to come eat some food? The sick people in the family are hardly eating, but I’m making full meals for the two of us who are healthy so there’s a lot of food hanging out in my fridge. I’m making something very simple tonight that I think even Tabs and Chris will eat but then I’m done cooking until the fridge is bare.

** that was from yesterday morning and then I ran out of steam. I’m a bit overwhelmed so blogging has been pushed back a bit. Chris was home sick for two days, Tabitha looked like death itself on Tuesday- I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever seen her that sick and I’ve seen her with the flu before. She’s caught it twice now, I don’t know if I need to rethink my stance on flu shots or not. Just for her though. Thankfully her fever was basically gone on Wednesday and she was visibly better. That was my deadline day, if she still had the fever then I would have taken her to the doctor. And then yesterday she was better still. She coughs, and she’s tired, but at this point it just looks like a run of the mill cold.

Anyway, trying to take care of her and the house and Daisy’s lessons, and Daisy going to dance, and errands for dance, and Chris was home sick- it became a bit much for me. But it should be good today. No park today because of the rain and I’m just going to do math with Daisy before setting her off on her own to do what she wants until dance. I had wanted Tabitha to go today, but she took a half hour class last night and it really tired her out so I don’t think she’ll make it 2 hours today.

So I took up crocheting this week. A friend of mind posted photos of adorable dolls she had crocheted for her niece. Daisy fell in love with them so I asked my friend if she’d consider making another set. She doesn’t really have time for that (I kind of figured) but told me they weren’t hard. I recounted the story to another friend who said she used to crochet and it’s not that dificult to learn to off to Michaels I went! My first square is kind of a disaster, but the second looks 100 times better. So now I’m trying to make an honest to goodness hat as opposed to just a square. If it turns out, then on to the dolls! If it doesn’t, then I guess I keep trying. I did look over the instructions for the dolls and there’s only 1 stitch and 1 technique I don’t know. I’m itching to practice the technique since I read how to do it, but I should really finish this hat first.

And in other news, my yoga pants are loose. Didn’t know that was possible, but there you go. I do see evidence of all the working out, but then there are days where I feel I’ve lost nothing. Usually I’ve had a picture taken on that day. Here’s a recent example taken on Sunday.

drewchriszandra (2).jpg

Combo of bustiness, flowing shirt, and fitted waistband around my hips= me looking like I’ve not lost one damn ounce. Not flattering and frankly, a little soul crushing.

In contrast, I just took this one a few minutes ago- yes it’s a mirror pic, no my bed isn’t made, and my hair and makeup are not done so I’m not showing my face.


Still a long way to go, but way better than Sunday’s picture. Apparently I should get rid or any clothes that aren’t fitted. Or at least not take pictures when I wear them.

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One Response to “too much food”

  1. Mel Says:
    January 27th, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Well, I am sorry you felt soul crushed by the first pic because honestly if I saw you, as a stranger or a friend, your weight wouldn’t even register to me at all meaning you wouldn’t seem heavy to me. For what that is worth. LOL I know though, it sucks to feel yucky and not the way you want no matter what other people think or don’t.