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The Big Bunny

By Tara Zandra | April 15, 2006

Last night as we were getting ready to go to the mall it suddenly occured to me that we weren’t going to an egg hunt or the zoo this year and therefore, we weren’t going to see the Easter Bunny. So we decided to see the Mall Bunny. It has been my pet peeve for years that the Easter Bunny has received some sort of make-over and is not white and fluffy looking anymore. Now he’s brown and flat and has a stupid look on his face. I don’t really mind the color, it’s the fact that he’s flat faced and doesn’t look all nice and fluffy.

In any case, I am pleased with the picture we got. Going to Disney so much certainly paid off because Miss Daisy wasn’t even wee bit afraid and could not wait to see him. She hugged him good-bye after the pic was taken and then spent the next 3 minutes yelling “Bye! See-Ya! Bu-ee, Bye! See-Ya!”


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