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Dancing all the time

By Tara Zandra | September 1, 2012

Got through our first week of dance. Since we were operating with only one car we still don’t know what our normal routine will be, but we’ve got 10 months to get it right ;)

Thursday we went to violin and Daisy had an absolute meltdown and refused to play. Really weird. I tried bribery but she told me that wouldn’t work this time. We eventually got her to play her song once but after that she refused. Once her time was up and Tabi was in the studio, I sat with Dee and let her know in no uncertain terms that that was never to happen again. I found her behaviour ridiculous and so unnecessary. She agreed with me and we talked about how to handle it next time she doesn’t feel like playing because tears and refusal is not okay.

Friday was time for Chris and I to get our own dance on as we went to the Mad T Party again at California Adventure. We had a fantastic time watching the band play. The singer, otherwise known as The Hatter, is very enjoyable to watch perform. I took a ton of pics, which you know if we’re friends on facebook. The weird lighting and all the people in hats made it difficult to get great shots but I took so many of them that I’m happy the final result. I tend to take a lot of pictures in everything we do, and then never really do anything with them. But I do enjoy the process of taking them and looking at them on the computer so I guess it’s not a waste of my time.

Today was spent on regular house stuff. Nothing particularly interesting and tomorrow will be more of the same. Between the car and dance and lessons, not sure I have anything interesting to write about right now- not even interesting to me.

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