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time has passed

By Tara Zandra | August 26, 2012

Hmm, I’ve forgotten to blog the last few days. Never even entered my mind.

So let’s see, Wednesday I went to my book club meeting. We discussed “The Virgin Cure” by Ami McKay. It was okay. It’s not my type of book, which the book club books never are, but I keep doing because I really enjoy my friends who participate, and it’s not a bad thing to read books I might not choose myself. Although I did kind of choose this one in that I had a choice between 2 and I went with this one.

After the discussion we had a potluck and then I brought Daisy’s Brownie buddy home with me. Tabitha ran another flawless meeting and the girls earned 2 awards this time. I immediately put them on their vests which pleased them very much.


Thursday we did nothing but lessons at home. Tabitha had an art project for history where she decorated hollowed out eggs and filled them with confetti and glitter. She had planned to keep one and crack the other over her sister’s head, but Dee put the kibosh on that plan.



Friday we headed out to park. I had a bento lunch planned but woke up feeling beyond lazy. I still got up and did my workout and I wanted to go to park, I just didn’t have any desire to prepare for it. I eventually mustered enough caring to pack a lunch at least, it just wasn’t interesting. There was a low turnout at park, but we enjoyed the company of those who came. We left after 2 and headed home for a bit.

Once Chris was home it was off to see the Dodgers! It was actually Kings appreciation night at Dodger Stadium. We sat with a large group of Kings fans in the outfield. Now, I haven’t sat in the outfield since I was a kid. Nor shall I ever do that again. Those benches were murder on me arse and I had a horribly sore lower back after just an hour. It also happens to be an all-you-can-eat area so at least dinner was taken care of (nachos, popcorn, peanuts, and all the Diet Coke I felt like standing in line for). One aspect that never occured to me was the possiblity of a home run ball, and man were there a lot of home runs that night! Every time one came our way, I ducked Daisy down and watched to see if I should cover her. Yeah, I know, crazy-mama.

After the game we got to go on the field and watch the fireworks set to music the Kings used during their season- This is LA, Black Parade- and, of course, We are the Champions. It was really cool. Oh, and we got excellent scarves that say LA Dodgers on one side and Los Angeles Kings on the other.


Saturday was up bright and early for 3 of us. We took Daisy to the Lego Store for her first every Lego club meeting. It was a Lego Friends theme which is why we went. First they got t-shirts, then sat and answered trivia questions, then went to the building area. They were instructed to build their dream clubhouse. Daisy went with 4 walls enclosing a swimming pool. Then they share with everyone what they built, mine was not happy about that but at least she did it, then they got goody bags and were sent on their way. Not sure it was worth the cost, but she enjoyed it so we’ll call that a win.

(Not a decapitated Lego head, it’s the guy’s head popping up from swimming in the water)

Once home, we all headed out to coat and shoe shopping for the big kid, then groceries at Target and then came home and called it a day. It was 3pm by the time we finished lunch, so I knew dinner was going to be rather late. I laid down for a nap but then had an epiphany of how I’d do a summer Cinderella dress for Daisy and that made my eyes pop open and I felt fully refreshed even though it had been maybe 20-minutes. I started working on it and only stopped to make and eat dinner. All told it was 6 hours, but that cooking and eating thing was about an hour and a half. I’m not a fast sewer, but it got done.

So today it was up super early again and off to Disneyland! Daisy did get to see Cinderella who said something about Daisy wearing Cinderella’s summer dress which made Daisy happy. We got a ton done because everyone still seems to be hitting California Adventure first.


We then went to watch the Dapper Dans perform. We had them practically to ourselves so they asked if we had a request. My mind went absolutely blank but then it dawned on me that they sing Bicycle Built for Two/Daisy, Daisy so I requested that. One of them had Daisy come up to take her picture with them and surprisingly she went. I may have nudged her a little but I think she was going to go anyway. Not sure as she is not the volunteer type. We were there specifically to watch their whole set but apparently they move around and I felt a little odd to follow them, but we did want to hear all the songs.


We then enjoyed more of Disneyland and ate an early lunch, then caught the Dapper Dans 11:30am show then ran into good friends of ours. We spent the next couple of hours together but Daisy ended up getting a splinter caught under her fingernail and that pretty much ended it for her. She cried and asked to go home. We said good-bye to our friends and I tried to see if I could get her to stay by going ever so slowly down Main Street and perusing the shops, but then she got annoyed that I wouldn’t buy her anything and we all thought it best that we did, in fact, leave. But still, before that part, it was a lovely Sunday. I’ll think we’ll be catching more Dapper Dan shows in the future.

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