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sleepy and in the dark

By Tara Zandra | August 22, 2012

Woke up more than an hour past my alarm so I wasn’t sure if I could fit in my workout. I think today would only be a 20-minute day, so went ahead and put on my workout clothes. I always put them on first thing as that’s one less excuse to skip it. I sitll get up super early because I need a good 45-minutes of wake up time before I can workout. So I tried to convince myself I could be awake in 10-minutes, and I might have been able to. Then I went into the restroom and the light is out. And it’s cloudy this morning. So if I did work out, I would be showering in the dark. Couple that with my innards feeling a little off and I took it all as signs and chose to put it off until tomorrow.

I’ve done really well so skipping a day here and there won’t matter too much. 3 months ago if I skipped one day I was more likely to skip the next as well. I had zero motivation. But now I’m motivated like nobody’s business. I guess the less stress of the summer months helpped. Now that it’s truly a habit and I actually look forward to and want to work out, hopefully I can maintain all that when fall stress begins.

One downside of dance is it puts me in the same frame of mind as school would. I don’t like September meaning “back to the grind” and for summer to mean freedom. And really, it’s not dance, of course, it’s simply me having to live by someone else’s schedule. My instinct is to go against the grain and I’m really at my worst when I’m forced to comply with a schedule. Which is particularly funny since I write detailed meal plans every week and the minute I had the 2012-2013 dance classes, I created a color-coded spreadsheet and tacked it up to show off it’s beauty. I may hate schedules, but I love order. I guess what I meant is I hate obligations, not schedules.

Working out every morning this fall may help me cope with the stress too though so far I’ve seen no evidence of working out affecting me throughout the day. I look forward to it every morning, I enjoy it while I do it, I feel amazing right after, but then I get dressed, wake kids, and deal with the day and it’s as if the early morning never happened.

Speaking of which, I’ve got 10-minutes before I need to wake said children. Still overcast and I have an obligation to attend to today so I may need some extra-Diet Coke to lighten my mood ;)

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One Response to “sleepy and in the dark”

  1. Mel Says:
    September 21st, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Ugh, I hate schedules and fall is definitely schedule hell for us but B thrives on it. She likes having set places to go on certain days. I’m more of a fly by the seat of my pants type, doing things when I feel like it, not because it’s a schedule. But I’m adapting. She has classes now 5 days a week which is the most she’s had. Good for you with the working out. I wish that switch would flip for me but I’m so damn lazy it’s not even funny.