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Soggy Easter Eve

By Tara Zandra | April 15, 2006

We did go to the mall last night and it was still crowded, but this mall is always crowded so I shouldn’t have been surprised. We found shoes for Daisy and after a few tentative steps she was off and protested loudly when picked up. Her first pair of real shoes :) We did find barettes for Daisy, but now I’m trying to decide if I want to exchange them, which would mean the mall today. We bought leggings at Limited Too for Tabitha to wear under a skirt she already has but when we got home and she put the whole outfit on, she looked ridiculous. The skirt is too full for leggings and ended up looking like a tutu so it is most definitely going back. She’ll just wear the skirt sans leggings. While looking for Daisy’s shoes Tabitha found a pair of light-up Tinkerbell thongs. I told her since I’m returning the leggings she can get the thongs and that made her very happy. Oh, while at Gymboree we were looking at their new line which is Darling Daisy and while nothing really spoke to me there was one shirt that says “Darling Daisy” on it so we decided we had to have that. Unfortunately this Gymboree didn’t have her size so we’ll need to look elsewhere. I do think the girls and I will end up going to a different mall today, they woke up at the same time 7:01am which is going to make for a long day. The mall will be a nice diversion after Daisy’s first nap.

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