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long weekend

By Tara Zandra | September 5, 2006

Our weekend was a bust. We had plans, did our plans, and they stunk. Except yesterday, that is. Yesterday we went to Disneyland and had a fabulous day. But the previous two days were worthless. Leave it to Disney to be our shining day :)

But it was back to the usual today with Chris returning to work and the girls and I doing our same routine. While Tabitha was practicing violin I just stopped and stood outside her door for a moment to listen with a smile on my face. Still loving the new teacher’s influence. The other two were rather accomplished violinists, but this one knows how to teach and that is extremely important in this instance. After practice time, Tabitha raced to the table because she’s in the middle of making a fully illustrated book. She’s basing it on a Strawberry Shortcake book she has but making changes to her liking. She sat and did that for about an hour straight before she decided to put it aside for later. I wanted to get lessons going, but we only managed spelling before lunch and then we never got back to lessons at all.

One part of lessons is a Map Skills book from Weekly Reader. We’ll be done soon enough so I decided a bit of geography would be a good replacement. I looked at a few online and thought I found the perfect one; mystery, adventure and high reviews. Turns out it’s Bible based which really doesn’t work in this house. So I started the search anew and remembered an insert we received with an issue of Highlights magazine. They have a club that focuses on different countries and is called “Top Secret Adventures.” The description from their website says:

In this Book Club, children (ages 8 and up) are introduced to 27 different countries, one at a time, through a mystery and adventure series.

Starting with a jigsaw puzzle that reveals a mystery, kids become young puzzle detectives. They learn about the people, culture, terrain, history, and geography of the featured country while searching for clues to solve the who, what, and where of the mystery. Top Secret Adventures will help expand knowledge and stimulate curiosity in children as they gain understanding of other cultures.

Oh, this is so right up Tabitha’s alley. It’s something she’ll do on her own so I won’t bother making it a part of lessons. I’ll just give it to her when it comes and let her do her thing. They also have a similar club based on the 50 states. I chose the countries though since it will correlate with our history. Now, to find room for a large wall map. Not a clue where that’s going to go.

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One Response to “long weekend”

  1. Mel Says:
    September 22nd, 2006 at 7:03 pm

    We get the states one Which Way USA but haven’t used them yet, just stockpiling them for when we start our states study in a month or so. They look pretty good though.