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just to avoid walking

By Tara Zandra | September 1, 2006

We had an errand to run yesterday morning so we dropped Chris off at work and took the car. Then I decided that it was going to be far too hot today to consider walking for violin so we decided to take Chris to work again this morning. I wish I had just done the smart thing and made my appt. for today and only have to take Chris one day.

Daisy is all out of whack and just went down for her nap, usually she goes down at 11:30 so this is a tad early. I’m hoping that this means we’ll get to the grocery store before violin and that she’ll perhaps feel nice and drowsy in the car when we go get Chris. That would make life a bit easier today. Which means none of that will happen, lol.

We have plans everyday this long weekend, but I’m going to try and blog, not wait until next week and do some long winded catch up like I usually do :)

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